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for A New Love, A New Prophecy and Completion

6/1 c7 4Talhulla
I like the paring and the idea but i think the story go well too fast.

But the writting is nice so i will give it a try
4/1 c73 24RosaConnor12
This was amazing! I teared up at the end but this was a wonderful story and one of the best Charlie and Harry pairings so far!
2/28 c4 4Steve-Arkarian
While I did like this chapter a lot I found that it moved very quickly and was quite unrealistic. I know, I know, realism in a magic fiction, but still. What I mean by that is Harry looks at him decides hey maybe I might like him they kiss a little bit hey that felt good and I'm kind of attracted to you and then they immediately get naked and have anal sex. There are so many other sexual ways you can move about besides going straight for the big dive, not that I don't want them to ever have done that but just right off the bat and him knowing he's only ever kissed someone and it's only been girls and again straight to anal sex. Also the whole if you are a guy and you kiss a guy you must absolutely be gay has no one ever heard of bisexuality or any of the other plethora of sexualities? Anyway it was quick and kind of unreal, of course I'm still going to keep reading cuz I do enjoy your works and the story but still.
2/5 c66 emthereble
Wow, it was awesome fanfic, couldn't put it down, often reading until !
1/30 c66 1daithi4377
Odds are she is bisexual rather than just gay..maybe?
1/30 c65 daithi4377
It might be worse but at least their is a silver lung in that it will be that last if the painful growth spurts. Should have figured it would be on her seventh birthday, one if the magic most powerful numbers.
1/29 c64 daithi4377
The last of the older teachers is Filius and Hagrid right if I remember right the rest are still quite young maybe forty-ish? But Goblins live longer than humans I think so hopefully stays for a few more years. Harllie needs to learn some boundaries that doors should be knocked on and sex is not a topic for company especially when she knows that Harry is having a hard time dealing with it.
1/29 c63 daithi4377
I’m surprised that they waited this long before sealing their room with the number of times she’s walked in on them over the years.
1/29 c62 daithi4377
Lol I have a feeling the reason she wants to have sex is not the reason both dads automatically jumped to lol.
1/29 c61 daithi4377
Lol Harry but if your going to be wrong do it huge. I think Charlie’s threat would have been the only thing that might have stopped Harry and even if Harllie understood it would have caused a huge chasm between father and daughter that may never have closed.
1/29 c59 daithi4377
If they smother her it will be the same as telling her no. Personally if I was a boy I wouldn’t even attempt trying anything with her just because of her power let alone both her fathers. I’m pretty sure the boy will come out on the losing end. That and I have a feeling the two dads don’t have to worry about the boys.
1/29 c60 daithi4377
Lol ironic that he’s super over protective of his daughter not even letting anyone touch her but shows two students a special room for them to have time alone at school. Yes she is only six in physical years but neither her body or her mind is six.
1/28 c58 daithi4377
I wonder if at some point Charlie will get his child, I would love to see them with a little boy as well as Harllie. Eventually it will get out that Harllie is only soon to be six years out then I have a feeling they might have to deal with a few problems from certain students. Granted going up against the two most powerful magical sat the moment and a fully trained Dragonmaster who us almost as powerful would really really not be a good idea! I wonder if Harllie inherited Harry’s temper as well as everything else lol?
1/28 c57 daithi4377
I’m glad that Harry gave that kid a second chance not so much because he deserved it but because being expelled for a slur is a bit much. Harry doesn’t want to be like Dumbledore with his gadzillion chances but two chances is fair the first as a warning so they know what will happen then the second it’s sayonara Hogwarts. I think Hogwarts us going to get a shock having a young married Headmaster but maybe more young teachers will start now instead of having all the teachers the age of most of the students grandparents lol.
11/3/2020 c50 sjrodgers23
Loved it. Wish they could have had more kids. They seem to make great. Parents. Thank you
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