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6/16 c16 GodzNo
I would love it if you finish this story, it is simply great
6/10/2019 c16 Ki
Excellent work! Please continue soon!
11/24/2018 c12 Irina

I'm interested on your fanfic

Anyway, if I was in MC's place, I would have chosen to exile and ask consent to turn Konoha's kunoichi, even as a clanless orphan

The've would have always accepted a strong Kunoichi

Or at least asled some special condition, like if MC and Arshi don't get to get along, annul the marriage
7/22/2018 c16 Guest
7/8/2018 c16 Charlie
Please please please update
6/10/2018 c16 Guest
5/16/2018 c8 SerraYuki
but but... tobi is obito and obito isn't born... yet
4/17/2018 c16 sasch93
There are indeed great interest to see this wonderfull story continue my friend! The setting and story so far is unique, I've read over 700 fanfictions and I must say that very few if any comes close to the setting and backround you've created. The details you make gives your characters life while the backround story is just enough to understand but not drowning in unecessary information.

I sincerly hope that you'll chose to continue it please!
4/8/2018 c14 1Darklife21
Yes! Please continue! One of the few OC stories that I like! I absolutely love the dynamics between Akahana and Arashi! They are so cute! I'm so glad you updated.
4/8/2018 c16 7windfox90
Yes finally an update for this story. I am so glad for this chapter and I am really looking forward to reading more.
4/8/2018 c16 Thetigerlovecats
Oh yes you finally return, ah i really love this story very much? It's unique, to me that is.
I hope you continue to keep writing.
Have a good day/night/even
4/7/2018 c16 1Shadow Pegasus
Welcome back! Plz continue this story.
3/14/2017 c16 Galfyy
This story is really good so i hope that you continue it. though I do miss some mor in depth heart to heart moments, but that might just be me itching for a bit more drama an feels. Yes I do understand that Akahana has trouble trusting people and such because of her past, but I stille stand with my point.
2/11/2017 c16 2Red Renegade 777
I am quite interested in this. I'm not an old reader, I just found this today, but it is interesting and very original. Time travel root is not something that I've seen yet, so it's refreshing. Hope you decide to continue,

~Red Renegade 777
12/7/2016 c16 rnune
I look forward for the next chapter
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