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for Frozen Butterfly Arc 2 & 3

5/12/2015 c17 9cko2
Nice chapter. Nice seeing the end of the fight and seeing the sabers walk away at lesst.
5/11/2015 c17 158slytherinsal
ah, now that's an advance, to use judgement about following orders. VERY significant. And Kari is learning that people care for her...
3/19/2015 c16 15A Markov
Loved the tweaks you made to the combat section. Good use of POV to show a limited but exciting view of the action. The shut down of thw unit and the confusing transition back to a smaller self was well done also.
You've got me on the edge of my seat wondering what happened.
3/18/2015 c16 47Thescarredman
Sweet. Excellent machine combat intelligence POV. You could do a Bolo fic. And you should.
Well, we knew Kari was going to end up driving the DD, didn't we? With this act of devotion, she should be in solid with the Knights, even Priss. I wonder what problems and challenges you'll give her next!
3/16/2015 c16 158slytherinsal
A moment of 'I am become death, destroyer of worlds' for Kari. Being crippled in it may save her skin another time when she glories in being one with the power of a machine, and remind her that any machine can be broken...
3/16/2015 c16 9cko2
Nice to see an update and a very cool chapter.
11/11/2014 c15 15A Markov
So, some resolution but you've set us up for a potentially wild ride.

11/5/2014 c15 47Thescarredman
Another sterling chapter, Chan. What makes this story shine is the way you bring the incredible universe of BGC into human scale, staying true to canon yet giving us characters we can identify and sympathize with because their problems are variations of ones we deal with ourselves: finding freedom, finding security, finding love. Kari may be a miracle of engineering, but she's also an ordinary person who struggles, enjoying small triumphs and setbacks as well as large ones. Her first life as a normal human is no more evident in the opening scene of this chapter, when she exhibits a very non-cybernetic intuition, and later, when she displays a marked unease at her realization that she and Anri are physically so much alike, worrying that Nene might have trouble telling them apart - or worse, might not care to.

Some changes to your style this chapter. It's a bit more lighthearted than some of the previous ones. Does bolding Nene's name and relationship to Kari signify that she is assuming even greater importance in her mind and heart? Sylia and even Priss seem to be becoming more accepting of Kari as an ally - and a person. Perhaps Priss's dalliance with Sylvie had something to do with that, eh? Speaking of which - now that Sylvie is likely out of the story, and Priss's life, maybe Kari can score some points by introducing her to Nanami...
10/27/2014 c15 Guest
This is seriously one of the best bgc fics I've come across since the old illusions fics back in 99. Great work making it you're own and I look forward to more.
10/27/2014 c15 9cko2
Cool to see avnew chapter. Thanks for sharing.
10/27/2014 c15 158slytherinsal
hmm the return of the felonious flint
10/23/2014 c14 Wandering Plot Bunny
A fascinating story, once I started I found myself unable to stop, even after the time slipped in the early am's of this morning. I ended up reading right through from part one to your current arc. Its one of the best takes of an OC-insert I've ever read.

I'm definitely looking forward to any future updates :D
10/1/2014 c14 15A Markov
Finally got some free time and pulled this up. It took me a few moments to remember where we were in the story but once I got my bearing, I was immediately drawn back into the world. Your pacing is very good, your mechanics are much improved over what I remember from the last time I was reading this story and you've, once more, immersed me in Kari's fate.

Well done, and I'll be over here, waiting for the next chapter.

9/17/2014 c14 9cko2
Nice to see an update. Never even seen it before onthe fanfic mailing list. Nice to see how things are changing with the dd beening out of the picture this soon. The extra kidnapping attape is different for sure. Over all, cool chapter.
9/17/2014 c14 158slytherinsal
having support and backup makes all the difference... Genom needs to be brought down.
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