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for The Perils of Innocence

5/18 c34 2DebaterMax
Can’t wait for more
5/11 c34 Guest
Please do not forget to update this story. It is captivating and highly addictive.
5/7 c34 thatperfectsomeone
hey i know life has been crazy with tnr pandemic and chaos of the world. hope you return to this story one day. loved rereading it <3
4/29 c1 Azrael
On my annual reread of this wonderful story i noticed something that up until now has somehow escaped me: this story has by itself alone more than 25 times more comments, more than 10 times in favourites and follows than all your other stories put together. I call this a crushing superiority.
Fully deserved in my opinion. And it deserves to be finished.
4/17 c34 racethom
Are you planning to continue this story? It’s one of my favorites.
4/10 c34 misadventure girl
I found this gem a while ago but wasn't too sure about it at first. It's a completely different take on the HP-verse, but so fun! I do hope you find the time, desire, muse to continue. You are such a talented writer. I just love how much more realistic this AU is than some of the fics I've read. Just a lovely story, thanks for sharing.
4/5 c34 1SlythMistress
I’m loving this so far, you have a unique viewpoint with how the muggle world would handle accidental magic.
I’d love for there to be more soon
3/30 c34 morcheller
Wonderful story! I'm sorry it's been abandoned.
3/30 c34 Anitaxp
You have created an amazing story! I was hooked right away by it. I hope you return to finish it. Honestly it feels like the story has so much more to give before the end. I can't wait to read it all.
Thank you for sharing!
3/30 c34 nkh1
Thank you for sharing this wonderful story
3/3 c34 Vodos
I started reading this thinking this sounds funny but now I am hoping for more chapters.
3/2 c34 1RightWrong
This is such a nice story. It’s a real pity it hasn’t been updated in a long time. Here’s to hoping you manage to finish it one day.

Best regards
2/21 c34 2roon0
An awesome chapter.
1/19 c34 SamonIllmantrim
This is a delightful story with well-written scenes, good interpretations of characters. and interesting subplots. Thank you very much for sharing.
1/15 c34 10RevDorothyL
Thank you for this charming, insightful, and different story, which makes things in many ways so much more sensible and hopeful for Harry, Hermione, Dean, and all the rest, along with the responsible and caring adults in their lives!

I hope you and your loved ones are well and enduring this pandemic as well as you can.
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