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6/7 c33 wiebenor
Sorry, my review for chapter 34 got cut off, but as I was saying, "fichub" is my favorite online based downloader as it's faster than most others... Now why exactly I had the issue with fanfictiondownloader, IDK, but it would be nice to know...

ALL THAT RANTING ASIDE... This is a great story, and it even appears to have been updated in 2020 as well, so it's soon enough that we might be lucky and it's not abandoned... Also, with any luck the author wasn't one of those many people around that time to, uh, have a new pair of wings, although a pair not given by redbull... Sorry, I know I shouldn't joke about that particular subject, but uh, well, it was dark times back then, and well, knowing a few people myself, who had other issues that appeared because of the scare at the time, causing complications, well, let's just say thinking about that time, I need a bit of levity...

Again, I hope the author is still kicking, and I definitely hope the author continues on with this as, while it does reuse a fair amount of tropes and canon events, I've yet to see a story other than this where Harry grows up in what appears to be a cross between a group home, and a partially government sponsored hospital for orphans and people with mental health issues, along with a few maladjusted youths thrown in, like the kid that got kicked out...

Definitely going to follow this just in case, and probably favorite it too... Keep up the good work and don't let negative reviews (if you're at any time, so unlucky to have any that bad) get you down... I can't wait to (hopefully) see what's coming next...
6/7 c34 wiebenor
Ok... First of all, I tried downloading this with fanfictiondownloader, because I have like a million tabs to read, and don't really like reading books online, but that's not at issue here, what IS at issue is the fact that fanfictiondownloader decided to leave out what it refers to as chapter "20. Chapter 21" showing a heading for it and NOTHING BUT a heading for it, while next page was the next chapter... I managed to fix the issue by just using "fichub" instead
5/25 c34 kkatowll
I just read every chapter in one afternoon! Thank you so much for sharing your imagination with us all!
5/20 c34 2Karou WindStalker
wish this had continued
5/20 c1 mythrica
revisiting a favorite hope one day for more. thanks for the ride so far
5/16 c1 37Snaperipper
Another read through, still one of. my. favirites. I hope you are well and your muse for this story finds you soon!
5/9 c22 veratainer
I'm loving Mr Finch Fletchley calling the Malfoy "newcomers" ! Bookgasm !
4/27 c1 5Laser Major
It's been 3 years. This fic is either abandoned, which can be classed as dead, or your taking your research on the franchise to UNHEALTHY levels when showing how straight up vile Hogwarts is?! I understand it was born from a socialite with British propaganda who should logically be snuffed by early leukemia, but even THAT takes better control of how to make a finished story?
4/15 c34 ProditorMagnus
Not the kind of story I normally read, but you had some interesting ideas.
3/20 c34 LiLxPiNk
This was such a lovely read. 3
3/9 c34 Moonflower995
Please continue. I love this.
3/1 c34 HairyLimey
It's a real shame you didn't finish this as it's bloody good.
2/15 c34 Kaflaful
I can’t remember if I’ve ever read this before or not, but it’s really very good. I hope you’re able to return to it soon.
2/11 c34 Duchess67
I do LOVE stories where things go RIGHT for Harry and he's allowed to be happy!
2/11 c33 Duchess67
I was worried for a jiffy there. This story is so different and INTERESTING that I'm staying up too late to read. LOL I DO hope it's one that will have lots and lots more chapters because I really love this world as you're making it!
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