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5/26/2018 c36 Guest
please continueeeee. . . . . .
5/26/2018 c36 Guest
ooh i would have used the song "fall in love" by barcelona
12/7/2017 c48 Marie
I just want to say... I really do understand why you ended the story with no Rilly/Auslly but I think you must have deleted SMSF? Because I was just looking to see if it had updated yet and it's gone? But please, oh please, if you could write even just a one-shot or something of Ally realizing her feelings for Riker and them ending up together? I just, this fan fiction is my favorite and I just cannot help but want to see a Rilly ending someday.. because I think about this universe a lot actually and how they all turn out and I just have this desperate need to read with my own eyes Rilly happening in the future, because I just could not see them ever ending up with anyone else and they end up together in my head but obviously you're the author and I just...I need to know they do xDD I'm too invested in this story lol but it has literally been my "wonderwall" in so many ways throughout the years. And the reading the comments of other people here, even recently, it still seems like this story has touched all our hearts forever.
9/6/2017 c49 Eun
Please please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeee do a sequel to this with Riker, Ally, and Austin going somewhere or something especially because I think you deleted Save Me San Francisco...I loved this story SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much when it was first published and always come back to it and reread it every year. I just need to know what is happening now for the characters in this universe xD Pleeeease do a sequel again, I love this story the best
7/23/2017 c49 3SomberFilledWithSullen
I found this story on Wattpad, posted by someone who obviously loved the story so much that they reposted it to share it because of how wonderful it is. She gave you credit, of course. I read it on there a few years ago, then my account got deleted and I lost it. So I found it many months ago with my new account, and I'm in love. By the way, is Save Me, San Francisco up yet? I really really want to read it!
12/23/2016 c48 SomberFilledWithSullen
I found this story on Wattpad, posted by someone who obviously loved the story so much that they reposted it to share it because of how wonderful it is. She gave you credit, of course. I read it on there a few years ago, then my account got deleted and I lost it. So I just found it again a couple days ago, with my new account, and read until chapter 35 (which is where it ended on there). But I figured..this can't be it. There's gotta be more. So I checked out the story on here and of course it was! I found it kinda coincidental that I've been reading From The Ground Up lately, and the author is the same person who wrote one of the first ever fanfictions I've read. This story means a lot to me for that reason, and it's so beautifully written and your research is spot on. I can't say I know anything about court or medical stuff, but you did such an amazing job with it...I believe that it's all real (I don't have any doubt than it is though). It's not only that, though. The character development, the storyline, and everything else makes this story absolutely outstanding. There's no criticism I could possibly give you, honestly. And this goes for all of your stories. Anyway before I ramble on anymore, I know it's weird seeing a review to this story when it's almost 3 years old but you know...you deserve it. All the characters in this story believes that, my mom believes that, my cat believes that, the prime minister of Venezuela (I don't know if this is a thing haha) believes that, you get the idea! Point is, I LOVE this story. All the reviews and praise you got for this story is so worth it. Awesome job!
7/16/2016 c49 3letmetakeyourpicturebaby
wow. so I'd told you that I'd post a great and amazing review, but honestly this story has touched me in so many ways I don't think I'm fit to write something so put together, so I'm just going to settle for saying that this story was seriously amazing. I loved all the characters that you've put in and how even though this was so AU, you still made it each character familiar because of the depth of character development (wow am I writing a book review here? No seriously though this could probably be a published book). Also, I'm really impressed by the fact that even though there was no like 'resolved' romance in this, everyone just cares so freaking much about each other and I think that's one of the best qualities of this story:)

So yeah! Thank you so much for this story, and I'm waiting for that one-shot in the future! (hint hint):D And yes. I am very excited.
5/20/2016 c49 It's Kris
wow, i finally finished this fic! it took weeks to get through, not going to lie, but it was worth every second of it! :-)
1/20/2015 c42 aliismyname
1/19/2015 c38 aliismyname
I fcking hate you lol jk I love this story.
1/19/2015 c36 aliismyname
God damnit Austin good going.
1/19/2015 c35 aliismyname
Oh crap I mean YES! I mean crap...
1/18/2015 c30 aliismyname
Well that was depressing. Thanks... lol jk it was sad though
1/18/2015 c29 aliismyname
Ohhhhhhh Dez!
1/18/2015 c27 aliismyname
Awww adorable, sort of...
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