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8/18/2023 c1 Skyfall1994
you made them out to be so miserable
12/17/2019 c25 Sak
Bravo! ! Such s good ending! I like your AN where you explain the different possibilities... I'm glad you chose this one.
What a great fic! If highly violent and deeply disturbing! Thanks for your time!
12/17/2019 c24 Sak
Don't apologise! You are the author in power of us lowly readers who are desperate to read your writing.
Ok so she and barsad go off together and live a weird but comfy life caring for the twins and Barsads future children with her :)
Bane babe is dead and that is sad but yeah. You've made me grow up! I won't complain!
You got all the exhaustion and sadness and torn up feels down SO WELL
12/17/2019 c23 Sak
But duh of course she's preggers! But she is also terribly sick and weak and alone and in the pit. Babe come on where are ya. BANE. Gosh
12/17/2019 c22 Sak
I was kind of waiting for this to happen. Her suicide.
And she just had to be saved! But like... She didn't talk to him for five weeks before The Bath, did she really love him? I'm so confused.
So she said please let me go and he was like no you're mine and she's all You're destroying me. Please
I'm sorry..
So she's asking him to kill her? Lemme go find out!
12/17/2019 c21 Sak
Wait what? His face really is just a mass of reddened skin barely covering the bones? I was sort of hoping for a kiss... But she was all, Bane is everything. And then I love Bruce I need to see him before I escape with Bane... I got a little confused but yeah she is too so I will accept it. But when she ran out into the outside world, why is the land full of blood and death etc etc? Did she come upon a battlefield?
And then he took her back and held them naked but didn't rape her? Or he did as usual? :/
Haha, happy V day. I enjoyed this chapter, sorry for my complaints,
12/17/2019 c20 Sak
He just wanted to keep her around...
But once she starts thinking he loves her, she will start to love him because really, there's no one else and nothing else for her to do...
Her waking up from the good dream and desperate to see him and he's right there.. made me laugh
12/17/2019 c19 Sak
Oh nooo Brucieeeee... I don't dislike him here but you write him in a way makes him seem far away and I like it.
But dang, Babe BANE, whatcha gon dooo
12/17/2019 c18 Sak
Fillers are fine
12/17/2019 c17 Sak
Ok finally some sort of tenderness between them and less beatings... Thanks for that.
12/17/2019 c16 Sak
Dang ... I'm so boring like that but seriously that's my reaction. You write so deep but simple and not in a round about way. Just what I like
Your Bane is so much more raw and I feel true to his original character than another fic I've fallen in love with, Klepto by DeGlace .. her protrayal of Bane was a bit more tame... And not so violent, at least towards Selina.
Anyhoo, enjoying here!
12/17/2019 c15 Sak
You know you're an amazing writer? I'm impressed. And slightly sick myself... Wow
12/16/2019 c14 Sak
Heh I like how both B Guys said the same line to her.

You included the story of the Black Stone! Our holy stone. I've kissed it once.

You wrote her panic attacks and subsequent guilt very well. Poor Bruce

But now Bane Babe is back. But must there be more torture for little Selina?

I always read his name as Bastard first.
12/16/2019 c13 Sak
No way could I stop reading when everything is perfect and ready to crumble at any moment because of its height... Like anything that perfect and far up away from a normal reality must come falling down one time or another.
Babe... Bane. My autocorrect.
Bane is alive.
Will Bruce finally die? Sorry to want him to disappear but Yano... I'm tired of him
12/16/2019 c12 Sak
Maybe I missed the note at the beginning where this fic will be Selina/Bruce?
But it works. Grr, Everything you write is fantastic and plausible and workinggg
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