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8/31/2012 c5 NerdyNecromances
You just killed me. And now I'm dead and it's totally your fault. SO MANY FEELINGS FOR KANDA. Seriously. This was... pretty awesome. I'm gonna go cry now.
9/1/2012 c1 9AsianVoodoo
most of these are quick drabbles i wrote on tumblr to fit an ask/prompt. i usually don't use capitalization when i'm on my blog, it's just something i do. when i write proper things i use capitalization, i just don't always find it completely necessary.
8/31/2012 c5 CunDohoi
Please do update "Euthanasia" :( I really love reading your stories :(
8/29/2012 c1 6LightMyBulb
Why is nothing capitalized?
8/21/2012 c3 213thReflection
lol, these drabbles are so cute :D

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