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6/27/2014 c1 19ONNMT has moved
*Please excuse the previous guest review with the footer of 'ONNMT' - that was me, having not realized I was logged out*
6/27/2014 c1 Guest
Oh, my...

I'm literally on the verge of crying. The summary was intriguing but so damn emotional, yet poetic and descriptive. Then I saw the mention of a save point.

I have never, ever, EVER seen anything like this. The idea is ingenious, priceless, and good Kami is it beautiful. And yet, you twist it to such a horrific level, writing Garry's internal agony with such fluid professionalism, watching as he is torn apart over and over and OVER. He can't stop the infinite loop, and here you are - playing God as you force him to relive the moment via fanfiction, describing his hopelessness with SUCH strength that I'm overwhelmed. He feels pathetic and heart-broken, but he has to try to be strong for that one girl, Ib, who, to him, is worth every OUNCE of his dwindling mental and spiritual health.

But, do you know what the worst part is? That I love it. I ADORED every moment of insanity, the crazy angst and Garry's pain. I revel in being able to connect with the characters on such a level, regardless of how much I get hurt in return. There are no author's notes to ruin the atmosphere, and you crammed so much into such a short space that I'm left breathless; there's no TMI, and that dump of info is spread so gracefully and evenly that there's no tripping or stumbling as I read the magnificently smooth extracts. The fact that this is in a letter which Garry would never be able to deliver - both for the sake of himself and that precious little girl - just tears me apart, but the pure WILL and shaky assurance of Garry's hope just brings everything back together, no matter how broken I remain.

Wow, wow, WOW.

3/27/2014 c1 Mryhh
Very well writen... It also reminded me of Heat Haze Days Ib version...
6/21/2013 c1 51TheSkySpiritsTalentShow
I love your writing styles and your stories. This is amazing. x) Youre so awesome.
10/30/2012 c1 k1096
QAQ oh... My.. This is just too sad T-T Garry, you WILL et her out f there alive.. Forever together you will be! I completely support you, and if I could I'd be there to help you! Really sad and sweet FanFiction . You did a an awesome job settling in the mood!
8/28/2012 c1 BlueDragonair
I think I repeated something a lot like this while I was playing, like "Dear Ib, please stop dying, it would save me a lot of fucking time, and I'm sure Mary's fed up of stabbing you too, love from Emily." good times... I love this game.
8/21/2012 c1 7asteriaphoebe
this remind me of heat haze Ib video I watched earlier, the one that make me play this game :/
8/19/2012 c1 JJFats
Very well written oneshot. Was it inspired by the Heat-haze Ib video on youtube? I always wanted to write a oneshot based on that video, but I was too lazy to get started. haha!
8/20/2012 c1 ReInCaRnAtIoNandHeArTaChE
The part where he says last saving point - that really got me!
I thought he was breaking the fourth wall or something...
Anyway, I really liked this one-shot! :)
8/17/2012 c1 7Quadrillionaire
This pain... I've felt it while playing this game.

So. Many. Times.
8/16/2012 c1 31PavellumPendulum
It's not an original ending, it's just what I think would have happened if Garry was the player/main character. It would've been an alternate ending, I suppose.
8/15/2012 c1 Lovina Faliciana
What ending is this?
8/15/2012 c1 Shade239
Different story... and I'm intrigued. I would like to know what happened next : D

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