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12/18/2014 c3 2ptl4ever419
Very cute story.
12/15/2013 c3 mistsandstorms
Clearly an abandoned story but the dynamic between the two children is interesting. Would have been an excellent story had the writer brought the children to young adulthood and eventual Sterek. Shame they didn't.
8/16/2012 c3 5fire dragonheart
8/15/2012 c3 3AnVnWe
This is so adorable! Please continue!
8/15/2012 c2 Rory
Not sure how like seeing a 12-year-old Derek and six-year-old Stiles in the bath together. It seemed like a sweet story at first, but I can't imagine a babysitter thinking it's okay to bathe with their charge like that. I would imagine that the parents would find that inappropriate.
8/15/2012 c3 7PunkIggy
OMG this is so cute! And the Batman characters fit the pack so nicely :D
8/15/2012 c3 6kataragurl27
i love it and though it was really good
8/15/2012 c3 48Directionervampirediariesgirl
Loving this so far.

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