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for When Hell Comes Calling

1/13/2013 c1 beadtowne
Great story! I look forward to more from the season 7 timeline.

Thanks for sharing your amazing imagination.
10/26/2012 c1 cappy712
Wow the Imagry you portray is amazing. The feeling that Sam was burning up - just wow.
10/18/2012 c1 ccase13
Sam Winchester is one really strong guy and I hope so much that he can convince Dean in the new season that they both have a right to lay down everything but those fights that come to them.

Everyone is responsible for the evil that they see but nobody is charged to hunt forever with no rest in between. Even your brothers have a business and a life outside guarding their area.
8/28/2012 c1 31Nana56
Ah, poor Sammy...thinking the worst of himself. He should realize that the person he thinks he is would not be deserving of the love of a brother like Dean. :D

I like this a lot! Well done! :)
8/25/2012 c1 3Starzinmieyez
I haven't watched any of season 7 (I'm only up to season 2) so I don't know much about this "hell" stuff, but I liked this all the same :D
8/23/2012 c1 1Lilith Luciferia
This is off to an interesting start. I hope to read more.
8/23/2012 c1 17sentarla
Well done. You know you are the first writer to point out that cas was a drooling mess yet Sam had lucifer for months in his head. It goes to show not only how strong Sam is but how pure of heart. Fantastic job on that point. Look forward to more.
8/19/2012 c1 8Crucis
Fantastic as always! I absolutely love your stories, you paint so vividly with words that a reader can see what they are reading. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
8/18/2012 c1 darksupernatural
I really enjoyed this little snippet. It shows, that even broken, they are still strong. I just hope I can be like that someday.
8/17/2012 c1 65ephiny63
Hey Honey
wow what a great little oneshot the emotion was so palpable and I really liked the fact that you wrote it first person from Sam's POV it was extra special because of it.
hugs Shelley
8/16/2012 c1 120PhoenixDragonDreamer
Gods...perfection, sweetness. Utter, sheer perfection!


8/16/2012 c1 19supernatfem76
I could definitely relate to the first paragraph. I got soaked like that a couple of weeks ago waiting for the bus. Very vivid description of Sam's hell. You always do such a great job writing for both Sam and Dean. I really liked this.
8/16/2012 c1 zekeschance
No Sam is not weak at all. In fact he's probably the stronger of the two in some ways. It's his empathy with everyone else that makes him seem weak. Great story and insight. Thanks!
8/16/2012 c1 14Hermione's Shadow
AWWWW! I loved this story. It was so perfect. I'm hoping with the new head writer we'll start getting back to more of the roots of the show, which it sounds like he's planning to do. I've been avoiding spoilers as much as I can, but I know he did say he's planning on having them actually talk to each other more and not keep secrets from each other, which thrills me to no end. Anyway, I loved your story, it was beautiful written, without being over the top. I wish there were more Sam and Dean stories like this :)
8/16/2012 c1 missingmikey
Enjoyed this a lot. The brothers being brothers. Dean not wanting to leave Sam even if it means going back to hell! Nice job!
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