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for A New Player: Year Four: The Gathering Dark

1/14 c21 LOTR Lover
OMG(I rarely use this idiotic expression, so treasure it)! I can't believe Fayken's dead! Fayken Undol! Oh man, I've gotta go through strict mourning. This was not as good as the rest, especially with that ending. I'm still gonna read the rest. Peace!
8/13/2017 c20 Guest
My dearest Author. This is my first review of your fan-tabulous writing. I am about to continue with ANP book 5. My son found this and sent me to check it out. Thank you for such a wondrous tale. I am a dedicated Tolkien fan, and I am utterly entranced by the blending of the two universes. Please, feel free to contact me in private.I would be thrilled to chat with you about our favourite world's. Blessings of the Valar, the Ainur and Eru Illuvatar be upon you.
8/1/2017 c4 Guest
Why the hell did you make harry and faykan fagets man . its a good story .. But the homo thing completly ruins it .. Smfh
3/25/2017 c6 Guest
portuguese language, muito interessante
12/18/2016 c6 1Lord Damon Darkfyre
*gives the muse of faykan a plate of fruit and veggitables, along with a haunch of wild boar and a tankard of mead*
5/30/2016 c20 16The Dark Warden
12/11/2015 c5 Guest
I'm feeling a little creeped out by Harry and Faykan's relationship. It seems to me that Faykan is really much older than he seems and is giving off a pedophile vibe to me. Other than that I'm loving this series.
10/9/2015 c6 Guest Kala
Your New Player series is brilliant, interesting and intriguing. I read year 1 & 2 all day yesterday. I'm rooting for Faykan to stay good.
One of the thing I noticed while reading the last part of this chapter, who did Mad Eye Moody point his wand at to practice/testthe Imperius Curse on? It said he pointed it at Harry and then it's talking about Draco? If it's talking about Draco there, then what happened to Harry?
11/22/2014 c1 2Angel SilverWinter
Great story
11/14/2014 c19 HanLaw0086
One hell of a way to end it I was so hoping Fay would walk in through the freaking doors and give Dumbledore a heart attack
11/14/2014 c17 HanLaw0086
Ok I know he not die come on
That a crazy idea
11/14/2014 c15 HanLaw0086
I'm not homophobic but I really do not like the idea of Harry and Fay relationship going in the direction it is going I'm sorry but it makes me very uncomfortable because they're so young and they're just kids or least one of them is
11/14/2014 c14 HanLaw0086
I happy that Nott got punished but I was hoping for something more severe
11/14/2014 c11 HanLaw0086
I know it was that f-ing Nott and I hope you get him kicked out of school please
5/21/2014 c19 benjamin.r.tillson
enjoying this story on the whole, moving on to the next one now ;-)
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