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for A Day in the Life of Shirley Holmes and Jen Watson

1/15/2018 c1 Guest
:) :) :)
I have run out of positive adjectives.
9/8/2014 c1 13Panda Cannons
I find Sherlock's ignorance and disregard for feminine lifestyles to be adorable. It's cute :3 I think Joan feels the same. She is just like a child, who owns an extensive vocabulary.
7/25/2013 c1 1013lue13erry
5/25/2013 c1 5MaidMarian17
This is way funny!
8/17/2012 c1 NerdFighterKillJoy666
What you should do is a sequel or another chapter...but with make up! It was great by the way!

-Nancy xXx

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