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for The Gladness of Suffering

1/3/2014 c4 theodorenott
I don't know if these last chapters where edited but I really like this story and hope you will continue xxx
7/28/2013 c4 1SwiftAlice
Heeeello there! As I already said, I can't wait to see what's comming on this story. I'm very glad to to hear that you're coming back.

Sometimes those things are necesary, and sometimes we need time. I'm glad you found your muse again, that's really great, it's very important (not only for the story) but I guess that for you too, because you're finding that Astoria again and that's a part of 'moving on' and accept a bit the things that had happened.

I do hope you're good and I can't wait!

Lots of love x

ps: sorry for any grammar mistakes!
7/27/2013 c4 3Stromsten
Bonne chance!
5/17/2013 c3 1SwiftAlice
I don't know how but I just came across this story and I already love it. Such a shame you're not updating anymore. Do you think you'll continue this story some other time? Because I think it really has potential and it makes me very curious.

I'm very sorry to hear about the lost in your family. I hope everything's okay and that you're feeling better.

Have a lovely day :) xx
12/2/2012 c3 4Diane Potter
God, you need to update. A bloody amazing Story! CAN'T wait for the next chapter!
Diane Potter.
9/28/2012 c1 1Agsoh
This seems to be a very interesting story so far! Update soon im looking forward to reading more :)
9/27/2012 c3 3Stromsten
Creepy! I like your non-innocent Asteria.

The problem with Machiavelli is that one can take a decision to 'enter into evil' with the notion that one can come out the other side once one's purposes are accomplished. This is simply untrue: sin taints indelibly. As Shakespeare has Richard III say,

'Uncertain way of gain, but I am in
So far in blood that sin will pluck on sin.'

Your Asteria seems to be dealing with this very truth as she recounts how sin plucked on sin...
9/27/2012 c3 4Off Dreaming
Wow, this is a new kind of Alecto Carrow I've never read before! Very original and I can't wait to read more!
9/8/2012 c2 Messy Ink
Interesting fic. I definitely like the tone of the story. Very Slytherin-esque. That's a good thing :) I would have preferred a little more development of Astoria before jumping straight into the trial, but on the other hand, you are interspersing every scene with flashbacks. Anyway, I like the idea behind this fic and I'd love for an update:)
8/25/2012 c2 20Crazy's What I Aim For
I like this story. I can't put my finger on an exact reason, but I do. It's really good:)
8/25/2012 c2 30rainbowspring
Fascinating chapter! There's just one thing I'm confused about though; it says that Astoria showed Blaise things she learned from the D.A. meetings, but this line here says:"But she stayed in that night, missing her first and only DA meeting..."
I'm confused about whether or not she attended the D.A. meetngs.
Anyway, I really liked this chapter. I find it interesting how Astoria isn't truly on either side, but at the same time isn't remaining neutral either. Please update soon! :D
8/25/2012 c2 4Off Dreaming
Re-read the last chapter- I loved the details about her interactions with the Tri-Wizard champions.

This chapter really began to flesh out the Astoria you've created and she's certainly an interesting one. I also really like the way you go back and forth between her memories and her comments to the court. It creates a lot of suspense.

You really have something good going here. It's not the typical Draco-meets-Astoria-she's-a-ray-of-sunshine-love-at-first-sight-puppies-and-rainbows fic, so it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but it's UNIQUE and GRITTY and I love that. Cookie cutters should be used for cookies, not plots and characters.

Keep up your amazing work!

-Off Dreaming
8/19/2012 c1 Off Dreaming
This is a great beginning! Can't wait to see how it develops!
8/17/2012 c1 dlongbottom
You're an excellant writer,kept my attention throughout.
8/17/2012 c1 30rainbowspring
You're a good writer! I find the characterizations of Astoria and Daphen quite fascinating! You portray them very uniquely! I like your writing style, and how Astoria interacts with everyone. Please continue! :)
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