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6/14/2014 c1 DeletedAccount3498
Wow this is so good. In one of my previous reviews I mentioned I liked seeing Glimmer with more than a pretty face, and this fanfiction definitely does it. Love her sarcastic, slightly sadistic approach, and the paragraph about how every fairy tale needs a princess is spot on. I couldn't agree with it more :)

I think Glimmer was wonderfully fleshed out here, especially since she's not a character much expanded upon in the Games. You did a brilliant job :)

6/16/2013 c1 010127
I love your one-shots.
I should be studying for finals now, and hey, here I am reviewing this great fic!
The Glimmer/Marvel tension was very well thought, considering they are Careers and probably know each other for years. Knowing One's industry, being concerned with looks is probably their biggest problem.
I like to think that Glimmer is Collins' critic to our aesthetic society (yeah, I borrowed your line). And so is Gloss and Cashmere with their "classical beauty" and, as implied, prostitution.
Thank you for this lovely fic.
Btw, how are your Original Story plans? ;D
Have a lovely Sunday,

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