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10/9/2018 c5 TheSaraBeara
Loved it! It was sexy and sweet.
9/15/2018 c5 galenmars
3 wow... thank you for this!
9/15/2018 c4 galenmars
9/15/2018 c3 galenmars
okay getting hot in here...!
9/15/2018 c2 galenmars
Loving it!
9/15/2018 c1 galenmars
5/17/2015 c5 cilia-chan
awesome fic! loves it!
12/28/2014 c4 DorkishGurl
Aw :) It's so romantic! Is that bonding thing really true or was it just made up?
4/19/2014 c5 3Barddoc1992
Lovely story-so wonderful to think of them relaxed and happy (and sexy and sweaty...). :-)

Your description of the dress she chose and what it means was incredibly creative and beautiful.
12/13/2013 c3 1JaliceAZ
They seem a little ooc, but I don't care. Can't wait to read on.
12/13/2013 c2 JaliceAZ
5/3/2013 c5 I4got2004
Amazing. Love this!
3/9/2013 c5 6Alpenwolf
I still say that I'm not a fan of the Drell, but you sure made a good job here, once again, with them.
3/3/2013 c2 Kryn143
I am over a year late to effect the next set of chapters, but I can say I am new to fanfic. Because I was intro'd to ME during recovery from knee surgery... I never do things in a slow way. But, when they killed Thane - I all but threw the game out. It was actually my son that gave me fanfic, so I now try to keep the love & joy alive by the stories I know others who cared about Thane have written to keep that alive. The idea of her wearing leather - I love it. You drew me in & now I must stop with this so I can move on to 3 & beyond. Thank you for keeping their love alive.
1/23/2013 c5 36Eleneri
Love a happy ending! This story was very well done, very emotional. Thank you!
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