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3/28/2013 c22 Francesca
This one is over too..what a pity..but I'm up to start the next story!
12/16/2012 c22 1KC1991
I loved it! Its so sad that they're graduating, but I'm happy for them. Loved it !
11/4/2012 c22 lookingformygus1213
OMG! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S OVER! I loved the ending of this story. I defiantly want you to keep writing, and I can't wait to read your next works!
11/1/2012 c22 Anubis08
11/1/2012 c22 RAGML
It's over! :((
I can't believe it! They're graduates now! :( I cried everytime there was a tribute song! I cried reading the message of Finchel for the twins :( I just love the last sentence!
What an amazing story! Good job!
Sequel maybe?
11/1/2012 c22 16AkarneanGirl
Awwww that was gorgeous! Thanks for such a wonderful story. I'm always so excited when I see you've updated again. Can't wait for the next story :)
11/1/2012 c22 noro
wonderful chapter well done
10/31/2012 c22 1Comegetit
NNNNNNOOOOOOOO not the end! It cant be. You my dear better do something quick and assuage my addiction to your stories. Or...
10/31/2012 c22 1maximumride42
Amazing! I'm gonna miss this for a while!
10/31/2012 c22 3Diamondgirl3
Now I am crying! That was soo emotional! But I'm just glad there wasn't break ups, I think it would have ruined the story. will there be a sequel soon?
10/31/2012 c22 1Ellii51
I can't believe they've graduated, it feels as if they were only freshman a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the ending and I can't wait for your next story :)
10/31/2012 c22 Callie1121
Great chapter and ending! After you are done with your other story, I really hope you come back to this series!
10/31/2012 c22 Madie aggs818
Hey! I never would have thought that this story/part of the series would end! I loved it all so much! I can't wait to see your next masterpiece!
10/31/2012 c22 19IloveheartlandX
Great story as usual. Can't wait to read what u write next
10/31/2012 c22 1Alex B. Goode
Where were Hiram and LeRoy? Great way to end. But I know this is far from your final stories of the Hudson kids. As this story ends, another one begins. Keep up the great work.
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