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7/27/2016 c10 10VerdeSaiyan
*Shows the I2 building/glass shatters as Dirk falls* Keith: Enjoy the climb back up, BITCH!

Still, didnt Keith still have his own Eraser?
7/27/2016 c7 VerdeSaiyan
No, not Tilla! She was the most interesting card professor!
7/27/2016 c5 VerdeSaiyan
Geez, with the power of the Wicked Gods AND the Egyptian Gods, the Leviathan would be damn near unstoppable. Short or not, it was a well written chapter. Gekko being awesome as usual, winning with Spell Cards :D
7/9/2016 c3 VerdeSaiyan
Haaaazel, huh? Nice name, but it doesnt really suit the sister of someone named Mai(linen robe), still i'll continue to enjoy this story
4/10/2016 c1 VerdeSaiyan
Yako-sama ftw!
I kind of see Yu-Gi-Oh R as kind of like the manga counterpart to the Orichalcos arc, and I'm glad to find out you made this:)

Though i gotta ask, what exactly do you have against Duel Masters? I know its kind of like an inferior ripoff of Yu-Gi-Oh, but until around the end, it was, meh-alright.
9/4/2015 c1 Bennie James Jr
Pretty Good! Will there be a sequel? Maybe we could collaborate on it together?
4/20/2013 c25 127Youngbountygirl
YES! The wicked gods versus diabound! Sorry, but I've been waiting for this kind of versus for a while and enjoyed every bit of it.

Anyways, I loved this alot. I loved the campy touch to it and how it was done. Even though there's not alot of explanations, the campy tone makes it to where it doesn't need it, while not leaving the audience confused compared to the original Yugioh R. All in all I enjoyed it and I'm glad that you wrote it XD.
4/20/2013 c25 12China Smith
...I don't really get the ending because what was the point of it?! At least Yako is fine, but I wanted to see some Gekko. Great story Sanky, I enjoyed it.
4/14/2013 c24 China Smith
BAKURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Okay, I know Bakura has some nasty plan underway because he is being way too calm about the entire thing! He's either going to summon Dark Necrofear, Diabound or...that's about it really. He might pull the same trick he pulled last time with Yami Marik! I bet he's going to try and get one of the Wicked God's! And Bakura is right, the Wicked Eraser may be a god but it still has a few problems XD Update soon Sankey :D
4/13/2013 c24 127Youngbountygirl
Here's what I'd like to see, Diabound vs one of the wicked gods. That'd be super awesome.
4/7/2013 c23 Youngbountygirl
"No Yako, it was Yugi Moto that killed Pegasus, because trusting Bandit Keth, who tried to kill your adopted father (witnessed by his guards), and not even bothering using the money in your bank to lead a crime investigation is a brilliant idea."
:/www .youtube watch?vXZxzJGgox_E

Great idea with putting more to it after the Orichalcos thing. I kinda did the same thing to At-Em-Oh where I did have Yako and Gekko somewhat involved with the Memory World fiasco. I had to make that joke above, because I wanted to point out Yako's stupidity that actually started on him thinking Yugi killed Pegasus. I know he was being controlled by the wicked gods, but even you have to admit that Yako did not think his plans through. Like he uses the wicked gods to bring Keith back from the dead, yet didn't use it to bring back Pegasus? Yako asks Bandit Keith and doesn't go ask the other witnesses like... oh, I don't know, like Mai, Seto, Mokuba, Tea, Tristan, Ryou, Yugi (as an option), or even one of his hired guards (maybe even the player killers)? He also could've tried looking through the security cameras THROUGHOUT THE ISLAND (am I the only one that notices this?). On top of that Yako also had the galls to take over Kaiba Corp. and hold all of the employees of the building hostage, expecting the police to not be involved... uh-huh... policemen that could probably take down all the card professors just by wrestling them down... I mean I know Yako has the wicked gods, but he's not Jaden Yuki or Akiza that could summon actual monsters from the duel disk that aren't holograms. I mean I guess Yugi can do that too, but he has the millennium puzzle to give him that power. Not to mention, even if Pegasus was brought back, using Tea's body as a vessel, how does Yako expect Pegasus to enjoy being inside the body of a teenage girl and expect to run Industrial Illisions as a 16 year old girl with a high school education? I wonder what Yako was thinking when coming up with this plan to get revenge on Yugi/Yami?

:/fav .me/d60hhi4
4/1/2013 c22 9Cosmic Kiss
You portrayed Hazel perfectly and I have really enjoyed this story. I love how Yako saved her and how Gekko still hated her guts XD Now I wonder how the twins are gonna save themselves from the evil that is Paradius. You really did update this story soon a lot :D
3/31/2013 c22 127Youngbountygirl
No problem! I enjoyed this too, especially Wicked Avatar.
3/30/2013 c21 Youngbountygirl
Guess the seal of orichalcose is not as strong as the wicked gods.
3/29/2013 c20 12China Smith
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKKK! This duel is heating up in a bad way! I admire the duel Sanky and I think the black serpent is the Wicked Avatar right? Or maybe one of the other Wicked Gods? Update soon!
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