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8/5/2014 c5 Guest
That's bs how u have tien and piccolo be so weak even though they can take over the planet if the wanted to this is complete bs man gohan would have killed cinderblock u know why I'm pretty sure he's not as strong as freaza and cell ok he might be as strong as raditz but gohan stil could be raditz when he went around a sayiaman
7/28/2014 c6 WalkersCrown
I love making things equal to make,fights a bit more believable but dam it man you have lots of inconsistencies in this. Gohan can sense energy and yet he can't tell his family,is,dead and that the others are fighting? While,this is fiction one must realize that the people,reading are first and foremost anime fans so you aren't going o miss alot of things that are weird. Written is good besides that its just there is s much plot wholes.
7/22/2014 c22 Axcel
I don't see what the problem is with Gohan trying to kill Slade. No one cares when Cell, or attacking aliens or whatever are killed. Noooo, they only care when the HUMAN apparently dies. Even though the only difference between Slade and many of the enemies Gohan has killed is that Slade is human.

Also, legally speaking, most rogues in superhero comics could be legally killed by the superheroes. Most of the rogues have performed acts that makes them legally considered terrorists. Killing terrorists is not considered murder or vigilantism. It is treated the same as an armed citizen killing an enemy soldier of a hostile invading force. Perfectly legal and even celebrated.

Someone should point that out the superheroes in a fanfic, their reactions would be amusing.
7/16/2014 c23 Michael
Robbin was more of a jerk in this. And slade went after Gohan? and not Robbin? I think he should have went after them both if you were putting Gohan in the first season of teen titans.
5/13/2014 c1 yo
I can't read eney more u have people who can blow up planets as pussys
4/19/2014 c23 the missing link
this story keeps getting better
4/19/2014 c19 the missing link
I think this should be a gohan/raven pairing that would be awesome. btw nice job on the story
3/24/2014 c1 Light Gaia
It started off very good. but then you used episodes of where blackfire tries to frame star and then puppet master causing the body switch then the ep where aqualad meets the titans. Gohan becoming a titan seemed like the terra episode where ahe returned. I wished that you didn't used existing episodes momentsin your fic it makes it un original and also feels like im reading a transcript about the episodes but you blended Gohan in. I hope you make a original adventure with Gohan and the teen titans batte a new foe maybe?
2/15/2014 c7 DLM4
ok, never mind i can't keep going. maybe once i've sobered up, but right now it's just to painful to read.
2/15/2014 c5 DLM4
so unless i'm very much mistaken, which is possible at the moment because i am very much drunk, so far you have killed off chichi and goten, gohan received an injury while powered up as a super saiyan and piccolo and tien get there asses more or less handed to them by a couple of dc child villeins. i find this very hard to believe, especially since this occurs after the cell saga. dbz is ridiculously over powered, dc characters outside of kryptonians don't stand a chance. your dc characters appear to be way overpowered compared to their canon. also a saiyan can't resist a fight, gohan wouldn't have left a fight with robin up in the air. that being said, i'm still going to continue reading
1/13/2014 c23 shugokage
Amazing chapter and great job on this story!
1/3/2014 c23 Pizzadude5665
whoot whoot
1/3/2014 c22 Pizzadude5665
1/3/2014 c19 Pizzadude5665
this story is hilarious the dead part was awesome
1/3/2014 c18 Pizzadude5665
this story is pretty cool
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