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1/2/2014 c10 Pizzadude5665
dayumn son
1/2/2014 c1 Pizzadude5665
glasses? come on i know hes kind of a nerd but come on
10/26/2013 c1 1Artekha
Alright, I am a DBZ fan. However, I can see where your going with it. It's more of a fusion than a crossover, I like it though you need some work to get up there with the best writers. not nearly as much as most other's though so it's definitely worth reading. I need to pint out though, Robin wearing batman shirt... yeah no. He wouldn't do that even if he was friendly with batman (which he's not. they left on bad terms) because it would just be too obvious. Also, Cyborg undoubtedly has a holo program for him and BB. Other than that i like what i'm reading.
As far as power, if he's the physically strongest on the team, i won't have too many issues. when he joins them anyhow. Seem's worth reading... I would've left out the cell games, or if cell get's talked about he wasn't as strong as in DBZ. I'm going to keep reading now.
9/22/2013 c22 Guest
9/16/2013 c22 Guest
Interesting chapter!
9/16/2013 c22 3Amyfoxflower
9/11/2013 c1 Guest
I just won't read any of your story then, since you wanna be a little fuck about screwing with the DBZ power levels. There, I accomplished something. :P
9/2/2013 c1 10Lightning Ash
Nice story. And don't worry about any dickhead DBZ-fanboys, nothing will sate them unless you write about DBZ-characters moping the floor with everyone. Obviously that'll be hard to keep interesting. Just ignore them.

Perhaps you could write a Naruto fic or a Dragonball Z/Naruto fic. And I mean a pure one without adding all those other animes you added into the mix like you did in your other so-called dragon ball z/Naruto fic.

How's this? During the fight between Naruto and Sasuke at the valley of the end, both shinobi in their powered-up forms glared at one another, a Rasengan in the Kyuubi-charged Naruto's hand and a Chidori in the Curse Marked level 2 Sasuke's hand, each ninja stood on opposite sides to one another before they leap-frogged at each other. The intensity of their collision caused a blackish sphere of godly power to appear and engulf them as a whole before vanishing mysteriously, travelling through space and time itself to drop the two off in a new world.

To add some mystery to the story you could always skip the fight at the valley of the end and just describe Naruto's reaction to finding out he's lost in another world. You could start it two months after the cell saga and have a four year skip to get Naruto settled in such as him getting his own apartment and enrolling into school and whatnot. It would be fun to see (read) how Naruto interacts with Gohan and Videl. You could even get brave and pair Naruto with Videl and have Gohan with that girl Lime he met in the anime before his fight with Cell.

Just a suggestion.

Kyuubi could be stronger than a super saiyan four as well to let readers know Naruto'll be powerful in your story.

Sasuke could've ended up somewhere else for the element of surprise when you introduce him.

I'm just throwing it out there for you to think about because I wanna see you get the reviews you deserve since this piece of work is neatly done, no annoying grammar errors I can see, everyone's in good character, and it's detailed. It's good all round.
8/28/2013 c7 Guest
Sorry. Can bot do this anymore. You nerfwd gohan and every z fighter. Goten would own them. The hive/jinx would never kill a helpless mother and a four year-old child
8/28/2013 c21 12Princess Unikitty
great chapter.

"Can't touch this,"
"Stop! Hammer time!"
the eponymous song

"Joyous at my advancement, I am!"
star wars

"Be glad later!" Robin said, taking down several drones with a swing of his staff. "Get up and fight!"
mortal kombat (?)

"All work and no play makes Beast Boy a dull boy,"
the shining

"Path of the Tiger, the timeless Huang Xiu flick, or Gokara: Osaka S.O.S,"
these are both actual movies

"You look surprised," Silver Sabre said, sending a roundhouse kick into Robin's cheek and then a heel kick on top of Robin's head. Robin's vision went blurry as he slumped to the floor. "Is it something on my face?"
spongebob (?)

"Beast Boy morphed into a hulking, four-armed, four-eyed, humanoid beast."
ben 10 (this one was a little difficult kudos)

"Well, it sure has been fun," Silver Sabre said, "but it's time for me to go."
is this from a song?

"The other side of the road... Am I dead?"
the joke with the chicken

"Everybody gets one."

"He's on the corner of Fifth and Main."
i feel like this is a song

also the character of silver sabre seems to be a reference to proto man or perhaps silver sword
8/23/2013 c1 b
Not a good fic at all
8/22/2013 c18 DarknessWolf30
8/16/2013 c20 Young IV
Is there going to be a romance and if there is what are the pairing?
8/16/2013 c20 23BladeKnightmare
i think slade is a clone made from goku's dna also known as evil goku
8/16/2013 c1 2Saiyanfoeva
Yeah, this sucks, you're retarded, Gohan would poop on Tritan in an instant.
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