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for The Princess and The Avatar

7/23/2022 c21 Guest
This story needs a sequel but if you're not writing anymore thank you for this fantastic story
7/3/2022 c15 Guest
All Airbender monks are forbidden form getting married they have to take a vow of celibacy.
3/4/2021 c1 Guest
I would love to see a sequel to the story The reason I put my name down as because I would have gave you a review what I wanted to let you know that I thought the story was great and I thought you did a fabulous job keeping the characters and character the only problem I had was your trip edition of the form of King of the earth Nation stupid voice app won't properly pronounce announcing anything I wish you luck and want to see SQL where princess Azula and Aang raise the daughter
2/24/2021 c21 LoganLiet
i love this so much!
12/28/2020 c3 Etro champion
I really like the story I think you should make a sequel you did a better job keeping their characters and character at the most fanfiction by this tend to do and for that I'm grateful if you have stopped writing that I'm sorry to hear that you seem to be one of the better fanfiction white is on here who seem to know what they need to do and how fanfiction should look and feel as I read a story I can almost feel the voice actors from the anime avatar The Last Airbender and for that is why I love true fanfiction writers fans who love the truth show you know the Hacked writers on here and it's easy to tell the difference I wish you the best and a happy holiday and look forward to seeing a sequel to the story if you like the right one if not can I take the sequel up I need to practice my writing and be a good source of practice
9/16/2020 c21 Guest
such a lovely read, so thankful for this lighthearted tale.
8/15/2020 c21 Guest review
As I'm reading this fanfiction I could actually hear all the voice actors from the Avatar The Last Airbender you kept all the characters and character and made this believable of ademption for princess Azula and now that I think about it if the former earth king I can think of a few ways he will come the way he was in your story do you remember his pet bear but what if something happened to that bear and he blames Azula he always a kid for his pet so taking away something he loves so much and all the darkness and thoughts about what Azula did would maybe turn them down that road I can see that happening maybe you should write a prequel or sequel story explaining why the Forum on King of the earth country became such a jerk you didn't seem like that in the TV series but I love the story and for me this is Canon ending much better than the original and I look forward to a single but if not I thank you again and have a great summer what's left of it
7/28/2020 c4 Stormhound12
I generally like this story so far. I don't think you capture the nuance that a really good writer captures, but the plot is fairly simple and enjoyable right now. It also doesn't have any holes in it, it makes sense in its progression. Another thing, while "spirit healing" is all well and good, don't shortchange it for actual psychological help and growth. Kudos and keep on writing!
7/21/2019 c21 ziaragarcia
please update your azulaang fics i really love this pairing and ther's not a lot of fics about them
9/6/2018 c20 Guest
Type your review ur totally awesome u shld rilli mk this into a series THE PRINCESS AND THE AVATOR
7/14/2018 c6 lennymosca4
Like I previously said a beautiful story when you're done with the story look forward to seeing a sequel thank you
7/13/2018 c21 Raven
Thsi obviosly hasn’t been updated in years, but if you still get email notifications about this story Id like you to know that I love the plot, and the political side of the story. Its all so interesting to me, and you have some of my favourite ships in her like Mai/Zuko, Katar/Haru and my favourite ships of all time Sokka/Suki (Go nonbenders!) and Anng/Azula ( favourite power couple!) This has been a very good story! It also had a very nice ending, that was a great chapter, I loved everything about it especially the characterization! Anyway thanks for wrtiting this story, its one of my favourites now
8/27/2017 c6 ZivaandEmily
aang the only airbender in this right?
12/14/2016 c21 Guest
I love Aang and Azula together! Great job, wish ud keep writing
2/12/2016 c20 mariahernandezperez26
Really really love thus story s though I would have love d one dark aang moments. :)
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