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1/24/2013 c19 5flame55
This is great
1/24/2013 c19 Selarom1219
I like the children interactions in this story. Especially how they are Azula and Aang's kids makes it so much more "awesome" haha. When's next chapter :O?
1/4/2013 c18 4ChainzOfThePast
I really love this story so pkease update soon! Yours truly ChainzOfThePast
12/24/2012 c18 5flame55
This is great
12/18/2012 c18 kevinplr2h
Great chapter keep it up!
12/8/2012 c17 bonemaker
I LOVE this story! I've read the entire thing in like 3 days. lol however I thought this last chapter was a bit odd and maybe out of place? what twins was Airi talking about? did Azula have more kids? and I thought Tough didn't act at all like she was excited to have a kid. I guess I'm just wondering how this contributes to the story line? but like I said before! HUGE fan and can't wait to see what's next :)
12/7/2012 c17 Selarom1219
Turning it into an epic? That is an awesome idea, can't wait for more!
12/4/2012 c3 1Obsessive Consumptive Reader
*Snerk* much double entendre...
11/25/2012 c16 kevinplr2h
Great chapter keep it up!
11/25/2012 c16 1ZanaZ
Good new chapter! I'm surprised how much ground you covered in it. You kinda fast tracked through the wedding, which I think was a good idea.

At this point, aside from the baby, I'm unsure what to expect now.
11/20/2012 c15 Selarom1219
Ahh, nice to see the transition of one conflict to bigger news. This is turning out quite well, keep on going. I like how you ended the chapter at such a circumstance, can't wait for more :)
11/20/2012 c15 kevinplr2h
Great chapter! Can't wait until the next one...
11/18/2012 c14 Nick of the Water Tribe
i Have something to put in if i may. I beleve i read somewhere that Air nomads can not have kids but they wher found kinda like Jedi in star wars and plus there was something in the show that Airbenders Could have Just hiddeno any Chance that you would Consiter my Thoughts for a sec
11/18/2012 c14 guhgiog08e9rhiogoiheg98whgiogo
Great story! update soon!
11/16/2012 c14 ZanaZ
This was another very good plot-progressing chapter. Though I know how Azula is, I would think by now should trust him enough to let him explain himself.

Anyway, great new chappie!
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