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8/14/2013 c1 wiccawhitewitchcharmedfan
not a bad chapter please continue the story i hope you will
shpw tabitha and endora in your fanfic as well since they
were my favorite on passion chapter 1 is ok for now looking
forward to read more chapters frome you in the near future
2/17/2013 c13 16Soul93
So Maddie is finally warming up to Sheridan, that was such a sweet moment between them. To be honest the whole chapter gave me that fuzzy good family vibe. Was it a bit too short, or that's just me? Another great chapter.
2/12/2013 c13 Guest
It's not the non-linear style, I read Pieces of the Heart and enjoyed it, what has me backing away from this story is that it seems to suggest that Sheridan was raped at some point and is pregnant as a result of the assault. I don't read rape stories. At all! So if this isn't a rape story please clarify that and I'll keep reading otherwise I have to bow out.
12/16/2012 c13 Tom
Can't wait to see more from this. Have missed your writing!
12/12/2012 c12 Buffylover
hey! I like your writing ans I even like the individual scenes but I have to admit that though this story looks really promising I'm kinda lost at the moment. The continued jumping in times and too many unanswered questions, even on background info, at this time in the story is confusing and, perhaps I'm missing something big here, I don't know, but it sort of took any happiness or sense out of the story and left confusing angst which doesn't have as big of an impact because the backgorund never seems to be adequetly explained.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be mean or anything, on the contrary actually, this seems to have a lot of potential and a lot of: what if's? Is that? Did he mean? sort of drama points which always make plots interesting but at this point there are now too many of those questions not offset with enough explanations so the reader can orientate themselves. Sorry, your writing is very good! I just think you as the writer knows exactly what's going on and perhaps have at some points knowing that info haven't gotten how confusing and jumbled your plot has actually gotten.
11/17/2012 c12 Soul93
You have to continue this soon, you just can't leave us wanting like this. Another great chapter!
11/17/2012 c11 Soul93
No such thing is too much angst
11/17/2012 c10 Soul93
This was so achingly sweet, the family fluff blending in with the angst.
11/17/2012 c9 Soul93
This was such a moving chapter, another wonderfully written piece
11/17/2012 c7 Soul93
I felt so bad for little Siah, what can I say the kid is growing on me.
11/17/2012 c5 Soul93
Those power surges! Ah well I'm glad you still found the inspiration this is such a lovely read! I can't seem to stop devouring every page, I like to think this is how chocolate addicts feel when indulging in the sweet treat :)
11/17/2012 c3 Soul93
I'm not one for one-shots but I really love how you write them, this splurge of good fiction I'd going to bite me when I have to write Monday...
11/17/2012 c1 Soul93
I'm truly torn- because you write sooooo welll! Honestly I haven't found any fault with you writing or characterization (not that I'm looking mind you) and you write one of my pairings so well, but I feel your talents are so under appreciated in this fandom.

You have this way with characters and getting their emotions through. Seriously I can't compliment you enough. Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with us!
8/23/2012 c3 Tom
This is so good! So glad that you're back!

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