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9/24/2012 c1 tvchick81
Adorable. Simply adorable. Wonderful writing and story. : )
9/5/2012 c1 Guest
SUPER CUTE idea and story-REALLY liked it and I love this couple! Nice job!

A few things though-you used some vocab incorrectly:
you mean emphasizing, not empathizing;
palate instead of pallet (and actually, palate is your taste, not your nose)

Watch your tense-keep them all the same.

Overall, really good story and execution. In character.
First fic? NICE! Hope there are more!
8/26/2012 c1 Arkumon
Great story. Please continue writing!
8/22/2012 c1 1AlwayzOlicity
So cute! I really love these two.
8/21/2012 c1 81suburbs
Adorable - great one shot!

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