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8/11 c4 Guest
Argh, Booth is being an idiot again. I like how you choosing for him to repeat this strategy emphasizes his lack of understanding though.
8/11 c2 Guest
Wonderful! Thank goodness someone gave Booth that well-deserved lecture. He was so uncharacteristically idiotic in that episode.
7/25 c2 11SJshipper75
I have tried to start this story a few times not remembering why i never completely read this story. It’s because I disagree with you. I don’t blame Booth or brennan. Booth told her he loved her in the first episode of this particular season. Then he saw the fear in her eyes and added “in an atta girl kind of way”. I blame Sweets. He knew the right trigger words to get to Booth. Booth wasn’t thinking and he did fo it all wrong.. If Sweets hadn’t said anything Booth would have never approached her like that snd used the wirds gamble. He was flustered. Sweets tells him to gamble when all season he was telling Booth he didn’t love her it was his brain. He played him all season. When she rejected him, he was legitimately hurt. This was on both of them. She was a coward. She even admits it later. She didn’t want to hurt him and yet she did anyways. He agrees to put his feelings aside and continued to work with her. Then she runs to Maluku Islands. Cam also wouldn’t have approached Booth this way. She would have asked him questions. Gotten his side of the story and feelings. I will say that i hate that the writers made him into a hypocrite in season six. But, i guess when your desperate, you do stupid desperate things. .
Anyways, im going to continue to see where this is going because i have liked your other stories.
6/11 c11 Boothbabe22705
For me it was a tough one to get through but in the end so worth it! Your construction of Booth providing proof to Brennan was wonderful.
6/11 c10 Boothbabe22705
I have to say I really struggled through the early chapters. Too much psychology and heavy angst but chapters 9 and 10 made up for it!
11/12/2022 c11 50-861-8274
I love this story
5/12/2022 c11 21nashpar
Wow! Awesome story and perspective. Love it!
1/15/2022 c11 3bonesfics
Loved the story :)
1/15/2022 c8 bonesfics
The outcomes you told us about in this chapter are so... right. I mean, you've analyzed everything, EVERYTHING! And it totally makes sense.
1/15/2022 c5 bonesfics
Wow. You told us a very valid different perspective and I completely agree with it. The dialogue in this chapter (and the first ones too) is amazing. Totally amazing. I love it.
12/31/2021 c5 Callialex
Wow. Just wow. This is devastating. So well done!
12/1/2021 c8 2psychokiti2000
I can't say enough how beautiful this is, start to almost finish... I adore your thought process with this entire journey.
12/1/2021 c5 psychokiti2000
I am in love with this story, this perspective, all Brennan's arguments are so perfect, and so well explained. From the start of the story, with Brennan's interactions with Cam to Cam's reaction to it. Then when the initial realizations hit and plans are made to correct certain mistakes, Brennan's arguments... this is beautiful beyond measure. So far, while not the direction the show went, I'd say this is totally in character and I could've seen it happening, and it would have been a beautiful tragedy this far. so much so that I felt the NEED to comment by the time I got to chapter 5, couldn't even wait until I'd read it all. I can't wait to finish and devour the rest of your tales. You're very well written and so thorough. Thank you for making me feel it. I truly appreciate when someone has the ability to invoke the emotions on the reader, and you nailed it! I'm going to go finish reading now.
5/4/2021 c10 Kathy
I had a couple of Chris Markhsm stories in mind but I could never write anything as rich and detailed as your stories. I truly am so jealous.
Thank you for my constant enjoyment!
5/3/2021 c5 Kathy
This should have been the scripts for 2 eps right after Parts in the Sum...
Booth got away toooooo easy and this was a great take on things
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