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for Silly Wishes

4/13/2014 c2 4DokidokiMariel46
*chokes* he slapped shizuo in the face. pffff

this was really good, im reallyyyyyy glad you added the second part haha :p
10/23/2012 c1 6strawfuzz
this is so fun. totally enjoyed the story especially erica's wishes XD
10/13/2012 c2 mr.mustache cat
aww thiswas cute. it had a really scandalous illegal theme to it that made me nervous XD. also the teki was here thing started to bother me after a while. again this was cute and i loved how erika was such a fangirl good job
10/12/2012 c2 8DD
it was such a funny story. I lurv it. :p
10/11/2012 c2 VannaOrihara
I loved when Izaya was upset when he got the phone call, all worried about his blonde! Awwwwwwww. And when he got there, how he glared and what he thought when Erika shot Shizuo! Everything was great, and the sex part was awesome, I could just vision it. I did not like Erika and Walker touching them but oh well. It's a price I've got to pay I guess. Oh and I loved the ending, them confessing and then playing tag.
9/20/2012 c1 dkjkejfdk
Lol I love it! XD Oh Erika you Shizaya fangirl you! I remember when you brought that video to the Shizaya fan club like it was just yesterday XDDDD LMAO!
8/26/2012 c1 4Deep or Shallow
You misspelled ministrations in the last part (I think that's what you meant), but anyway:
The fic was nice, but it's sorta missing an ending for me. You didn't go into details with... well most things, but I liked Izaya's thoughts during the phone conversation. That was delightful. :D
8/22/2012 c1 Guest
Walker and kadota!?
8/21/2012 c1 anonazure
UWHAHAHAHAHA! ERIKA YOU ARE THE GODDESS OF YAOI AND I LOVE YOU! I'm curious what happens now to Shizuo and Izaya though...

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