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for Code Magi Lyrical Rider: StrikerS

8/3/2020 c5 kos Bnfai
Hi is there a chance you will continue? Because I just started reading and fell in love and it’s very sad that I haven’t had a sequel in several years.
2/5/2019 c5 2reanseih
I have a hard find fathoming why there has been no continuation after such a cruel cliffhanger! Dx
2/5/2019 c3 reanseih
You killed him. He was finally alive after all those canon years. QAQ
4/3/2018 c5 SolarxBlack
Hope you continue updating this even if it is a long time ago.
9/8/2016 c5 7Paxloria
~ I don't get why Lelouch would burn that shield card.
~ if there were orders to NOT do ANYTHING to provoke Lelouch, then why kidnap his daughter and try to make him think her dead?
~ By now, shouldn't Lelouch do the expedient thing and use his Geass to take over TSBA so it will run properly in the higher-level commad structure without corruption or greed messing things up?

Nice chapter.
Mami should be fine. She's a magical girl and her body isn't human so it should be able to recover from the damage her head took. Plus she was alive in that future.

I read one of your teasers in that clips collection of yours.
In that one where Hayate Yagami summoned Lelouch as Servant Caster for the 4th Grail War of Heaven's Feel and he was going to need to save the world from both the Book Of Darkness AND Angra Mineyu, It occured to me that if Lelouch does a quick look at the Akashic Record to see who the other Masters & Servants are to find out what was up with them for research, he could get to Kariya Matou BEFORE the man contacts Zouken, he could get him on his side.
It'd be pretty simple.
All Lelouch need do is point out that its a bad idea to deal with Zouken at all to Kariya.
Then offer to save Sakura.
It'd be simple.
If Kariya agree's to side with Leouch, Lelouch can use his knowledge to give Kariya some Magecraft to study and get the man to re-train up his atrophied Circuts somewhat.
THEN implan a Lost Logia inside him, give a little time for him to get used to it and put a bounded field around him so the Logia won't be detected by the TSAB.
THEN hand him his Sakuya Card and have Kariya summon her as Berserker BEFORE any other relative (his brother Byakuya or Zouken) can do their summon (thus keeping them out of the way).
Once thats done, they spend a year preparing secret ly, and Lelouch stay's out of sight so Zouken or anyone else won't know about him.
Then when its time for the war to start, Lelouch pretends to be a second summoned Servant of Kariya and at the Docks gives a speach to both all the masters & servants about there being TWO threats capable of ending the world poping up soon, but only going into detail about the Grail one.

See? You can totally write this!
8/24/2016 c4 Paxloria
I think its safe to say that the Demon King has been Throughly provoked.
8/24/2016 c3 Paxloria
Wonder just HOW similar Eternal is to Lelouch under that mask...
Does have/had a little brother or sister that he almost obssessively adores? Is he the unwanted child of high-ranking offical or royalty? Does his role as a savior/hero hide the heart of a demon? Does he bare a special power of his own that different from Geass?

Lelouch knows this music and seen this dance of fate before, so he should know what to expect & how to counter it.
Lelouch may not want to use his Geass anymore (since he doesn't want to be hated or take people choices away again), but I think the luxury of these peaceful days are over.
Its time Lelouch once more take up the role of Demon King and go have a little chat with the higher ups in the TSAB ... ESPECIALLY the person he's been suspecting of being the leak.
8/21/2016 c2 Paxloria
Great chapter!

One big error though.
When Homera got her Divice you wrote that she slid the ring onto her hand next to her soul gem. The problem there is that previously when Nunnally became a Magical Girl, she got the power to put souls back into the girls bodies and did so for all the girls.
The magical girls don't need to to have their gems outside their bodied to use their power.
So Homera's soul Gem should not have still been outside her body on the back of her hand.
8/21/2016 c1 Paxloria
This all explains a lot.

But you know... in that other story at the end where Eihalt talks to her father about why he's always been so distent and why he adpoted her,you gave the strong impession that she was an orphan girl that he took under his wing as his daughter after defeting her because she'd been acting like a deliquent and challenging strong people with out regard for the consuquences such as prision. Back then you also wrote that she had gold eyes like C.C..
2/7/2016 c5 ARSLOTHES
Hope you decide to update this fic again
5/3/2015 c5 Guest
Sayaka: When is she going to calm down?
Kyubey: Never, probably.
9/22/2014 c5 1Nightraze
Great Story! I have really enjoyed reading your stories and I hope you decide to continue this one again soon!

I really loved reading about all the characters and how they now fit into the world of Mid-Childa. Your main focus of this story seems to be on Lelouch and Homura and as much as I loved reading about them, who are two of my favourite characters, I was really curious to know what the others were doing sometimes.

I really liked this chapter because we got to see some characters that we haven't seen in a long time, like Kyouko. I also hope to see Madoka in the future a bit more as we barely get to at the moment and while I'm on this note, I'm also don't really know what Madoka does exactly, I know she works with TSAB and at one point Lelouch mentioned that she knows how to 'help people', but what is her job/position?

I also love how Lelouch is a father to Einhalt, they are both just so cute! Their interactions have been very heart warming and cute.

Anywayz, love this, so update soon!
6/22/2014 c5 f.tastarossa
please update It's getting hot *0*
6/22/2014 c4 f.tastarossa
gahhh! i decided this is my fav chapter XD
6/19/2014 c5 1PanickingNoob
Interesting...Man got to find better words to describe this but due to my limited vocal knowledge...Ok now I sound like just mocking the author. But I'm serious this is an interesting story. Course I would like to see the real Decade more but Lelouch is the next best choice I suppose
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