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5/2/2022 c22 Guest
Am not sure if anyone's here or not.. BUT OH MY GOD I AM IN LOVE. LIKE IN LOVE.
The writing is so beautifully and whimsical and everything i never knew i needed 3
Also; did they just bath in a tub? Together? With Jude in her undergarments? .
4/30/2022 c59 47ElnaKernor
Hey! That story is quite good, overall. There's a distinct impression of otherworldliness to it, which I guess is exactly what you were going for given that Juniper isn't entirely of this world.

But that means it's a bit difficult to follow sometimes, or even to try and suss out who's at fault here or there in a situation, and I get it's because Juniper is herself a bit complicated, not quite certain of what's going on in her own head, but that also means it's kind of hard to really get what's going on... I mean, if I was in Sirius' place and I had about as much insight as an exterior POV can have in a situation that's as convoluted as this one (and the little Juniper tells him), I would also have a hard time dealing with it. Especially as he has his own demons to battle too.

I think one of my favorite arcs is when Juniper is trying to live her life in Diagon Alley, with Remus and Tonks appearing here and there, Sirius being the weird voice she hears when she goes to Gringotts, and Lucius doing his shit now and again.

I also like the fact that, even if they got Sirius out of Azkaban, being on the run isn't that easy (especially with a girl who has her own hunter after her ass, and who only half knows what she's doing both in magic and in life). The Ministry and Lucius aren't actually incompetent all the time, either, nor are Sirius and Juniper completely OP)
3/21/2022 c46 Ignisaraignee
Sirius is really a dick to her, always telling her there’s something wrong with her instead of being sympathetic that she grew up alone so it isn’t her fault she doesn’t know all about emotions and friendships like he does, she’s really trying and he just makes her feel bad every time she gets confused about it by telling her there’s something wrong with her. There was promise with Sirius at the start but now their relationship is just toxic
3/21/2022 c6 Ignisaraignee
This story is written really interestingly, it’s a bit disjointed and confusing but in a good way because I think it matches how the main character would think, because of how she grew up I imagine her thoughts would be a bit disjointed and she’d talk to herself and inanimate objects a lot like she does in this story since she’s never had to talk to other people or had to focus on things she didn’t specifically want to before, the disjointed ness reminds me of her thoughts being distracted easily, which matches what the books say about her head always being in the clouds. So to sum up, the words and descriptions are good and fun, and the disjointed ness would be bad in any other story but it really fits this one.
2/20/2020 c59 natt123
Nice plot however it was to bizarre many contradictory or strange behavior.. andheavy' dialogs..
the ending doesn't seems like one.. to many thing unfinished.. did she recovered her memory? what about her friendship with Tonks and Remus? What happend with Juniper and Sirius? Did Sirius was absolved for his crimes? what about her?
Maybe an epilogue could shed some light on this things..
8/31/2019 c11 MollyTheSlytherinSnake
I barely have any idea of what’s going on in this story, yet it still captivated me into reading it through. Well done writer ️
7/19/2019 c59 4izhetbean
oh my goodness. this story is just so good!
I absolutely adore the way you write, it's so poetic and flowing that it just feels so nice to read! I've never come across a writing style like it, I'm obsessed.
Not to mention the plot was absolutely fantastic, I honestly love the huge twist you gave the original story and shifted it to fit your story better. superb.
4/4/2019 c34 1madxmaddie
So why didn’t he just turn into padfoot and have her claim that she found a stray and had no idea what they were talking about?
1/29/2019 c22 MissyStells
I love this fanfiction. Can easily say it's my favorite. The storyline is different and beautiful. I love the oc and I love everything she does.
1/22/2019 c11 Stella
I love it. It's weird to see remus be anything but a professor though
8/19/2018 c3 10VampirateLycan
I thought her name was juniper
4/20/2018 c1 3freedom is the greatest lie
It is nice! I liked your style of writing.
2/15/2018 c36 1SongoftheMagpie
I have to say before I forget: Have you played Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines before? Well, Look it up and then the Malkavian kind of sounds exactly like one of them! Haha! Brilliant!
11/12/2017 c58 xXLarxPhobiaXx
To be honest it was a bit like reading Alice in Wonderland. There were parts that I understood perfectly and then there were things that I was like, what!? Is she crazy? Is he crazy? Am I crazy?! Over all I enjoyed the story. I do feel like some parts could have been further elaborated to make more sense. However for this being your first work it was well written. I read a fuck load (pardon my french) so if the writing and grammar are bad, I can't even get passed the first few chapters. But this is GOOD! Anyways off to see if you have other works, toodles!
7/29/2017 c58 Guest
Brilliant. Beautiful writing, plot, characters. Ugh.
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