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for An Unwritten Future

9/8 c20 httpswww.fanf
complimenti bravo questo romanzo e magnifico
8/25 c20 elizabethrose1974
I read thiz again not ewalizing i has read til i got to the last 2 chapters. even better the second time around! love you!
8/22 c20 EvanescoVeritas
That story was amazing! I’ve been up all night reading it. Lord, I am going to be tired at work tomorrow. Today, actually. Anyway, thanks for writing!
8/21 c20 Anglwitch6090
This was so sweet! I loved it
8/14 c20 6ardsmair
i am usually not a Fan of Time travelling fictions, but as soon as i realised this was one, it was too late, i was allready hooked this was really good and i liked that the room tried to make it right!
8/1 c20 Halfbloodsquirrel
This was such a cute story, I really loved this version of Snape. Also the ending with Harry made me cry so much, and I don’t usually cry when reading anything. Thank you.
7/31 c20 1badadder1
this was so excellent. I love them together and especially when they're the same age. I love how you wrote Snape, I love the conflict with Lilly. I love how the room was so helpful and how it brought them back to the future. the bit with Harry was perfect. I loved this so much!
7/30 c15 badadder1
this is just too sweet
7/30 c14 badadder1
oh my gosh this Bella is hilarious
7/29 c20 40Morbidmuch
This is hands down one of my favourite SSHG fics ever. All of your stories are simply amazing.
7/22 c20 ZiggyStarLust
This was such a fun story to read! I love a good time travel fic and this fit the bill for what I was craving.
7/17 c20 weird333
With a time-turner, you can do anything you want, and you did an excellent job! Thank you so much for your story!
7/17 c20 takingflight4
woosh that end with the diary and harry made me cry.

Ugh sneaky sneaky Room of Req. lol I am sort of glad they escaped the madness of post war fame though. I loved this story- truly.

thank you!
7/15 c20 288thweasleykid
I really liked it until the last chapter.
7/12 c9 2CaliforniaCougar
tea is most definitely on the menu
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