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for In the Arms of Her Dragon

1/4 c33 Queen Tyra
I Absolutely Adore This Story, It's Just Keep Getting Better And Better...I Love DRAMIONE...You Are A Fabulous Writer, Seriously This Story Is ADDICTING... Please Update Soon... Thanks!
12/30/2020 c33 jd
this is insanely good omg, I just splurged and read the entire 32 chapters in one day and i can't wait for the nextttt
1/1 c32 6InuKaglover4ev22
I absolutely love Draco and Hermione together. They’re so great for each other. I hope she tells him that she loves him soon.
Gabriella is honestly one of my favorites. She’s so funny in her letters to Hermione lol.
We already know that Harry is gonna be one of the advisors. But I, too, want to hear his thoughts.

Anyway, great chapter and can’t wait to read the next one. ;)
1/1 c31 InuKaglover4ev22
This was good.
I love the interaction between Hermione, Blaise, and the boys. It’s like they’ve been best friends forever.
I really hope Harry decides to be one of Draco’s advisors. He would be a great fit, and they could work up to being “friends”, if not just cohorts lol.

Anyway, great chapter and can’t wait to read the next one. ;)
12/27/2020 c33 Guest
Hello! I couldn’t stop reading your fic. I was reading day and night and suddenly it ends! We need this story to be continued! We need you here) I love your fic, every time I read scenes with Draco and Hermione cuddling or smth like that - I stop breathing, I swear! So, dear author, please, come back to us and give us more of your story! ️
12/24/2020 c33 Guest
12/18/2020 c6 Jenny
This is so funny, good job!
12/17/2020 c33 Allison
Okay, I desperately need to know what happens next! Please, please, PLEASE keep writing and updating! I'm a little saddened that it shows the last update was from Sept. Perhaps a Christmas present for your readers?
12/8/2020 c14 amandaleeshultz
Granger is stupid and she needs to stop teasing him
12/6/2020 c33 Guest
I hope you’re doing well ! I love your story and I hope a new chapter’s going to come soon ️️
11/29/2020 c33 2LiterarianRose2995
I'm so excited to see that you are back! I am currently rereading the story. this is one of the first ones I ever read when I got into fanfic 2 years ago. I randomly think about this one all the time. it really is fantastic
11/29/2020 c33 1TheSteadfastNarnian
PLEASE UPDATE! This is one of the cutest Dramione stories ever!
11/21/2020 c33 reading.chimp
Well reached the end now. This alright be very flat many parts. Cant so how it receives so many recommendations to read and massive review numbers? Good but not outstanding. Thanks
11/21/2020 c33 Drag Him Down
That December, near Moscow:

Hermione handed over Malfoy's unconscious body to the Russian wizards in exchange for cat carrier with Crookshanks in it.
Hiding her true mission from Draco had been too easy & pretend flirting had made him drop his guard even more.
So her beloved half Kneasel was returned & some important Siberian wizard lord got his blonde English pureblood fucktoy to ruin as his leisure.


She could also pick up some Christmas presents cheaply on way back. Ministry wouldn't bat an eyelid at loss of Malfoy - he had been flagged as an expendable asset when she had first proposed the operation. Kingsley had signed off on that with zero quibbles.

Draco eventually woke suspended from four chains in a white leather lined room. Naked bar a tiny pink Tutu, he had just time to wonder what the hell going on, before a huge bearded naked man walked in through one of the walls.
An aroused huge bearded naked man ..
Let's just say the blonde Slytherin ferret had a VERY interesting Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day & Easter ..

His butthole would later be used to smuggle whole pineapples ..
11/13/2020 c33 DunderheadsAlways
Please, update soon. I'm hooked.
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