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for The Booted Beauty Chronicles

12/24/2012 c7 1DARKNESS4311
Love the story Elsa was a great vilen it just sucks you had to kill her off I was kind of hoping she kind of be MJ's Black cat sense she couldn't bet her she kind of fall in love with her or something like that, and the sex scan with MJ and Elsa was a little brief I love to seen that being a little longer kind of like how MJ gets off with her new suite but other then that I love to see this go further I mean you could do like a nether 20 or so chapters if you really wonted to as less I think so. Sorry if it seems like i am nitpicking but you got something good here and I think you are doing some great work if you don't mind me saying
10/21/2012 c5 thomas
i think you should make a new booted what ever and the boots should possess mj and she should kill spiderman
9/4/2012 c4 14Knight-Bishop
Awesome job, please update soon.

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