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12/3/2012 c1 51Ellstra
This is nice. Short and not heart-breaking. Nice and lovely are the best words.
9/29/2012 c1 51Alohaemora
(The following is a prize review for winning First Place in The "Daddy's Girl" Competition.)

Cuties. :) I have to say, you've done a wonderful job penning James and Lily's complex relationship into less than a thousand words. I like the idea that James didn't particularly fancy Lily during their first few years of school, because, when you think about it, why would he?

Excellent writing!
9/4/2012 c1 4AsianRapunzel
Aww hjw sweet!
8/30/2012 c1 10Auntiarctica
This is quite sweet...
8/24/2012 c1 3mariposablossom
I love that it wasn't a love at first sight for them! I don't really believe in it anyways. This is a much better alternative to me. It's so fluffy that I just want to hug the story and put in my pocket so I can take a look at it when I want to.

And of course I would read Jily from you!
8/24/2012 c1 don't meet your heroes
I really liked this. It was very cute and very fluffy. I like how you added that James didn't like Lily for the first couple of years, because now it changes my perspective on the couple!
There's no need to be intimidated to post your work on here. No one here is an expert and this is beautiful!
8/24/2012 c1 Anonymous
Nice. Though James is really good at Quidditch with Lily.
8/24/2012 c1 1marauderina
LOVE it! You're a good Jily writer.

I like the idea that it wasn't love at first sight for James because that rarely happens nowadays, does it? And James Potter has to be a normal human being.
8/24/2012 c1 Saphy18
This was so cute. I loved it. I really hope that you do write a Jily chapter fic because I will totally read it. Thanks for the story.

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