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for The Glee Project: Life as We Know It

7/7/2013 c1 11Mary in the Stars
Adorable. Totally adorable. I hope you write more Child!TGP characters because it's too cute, and you write kids really well.
1/7/2013 c1 Cassie
Hi! I love the first Drabble, it's actually super well written.

Would you do me a big favor? Write me some Abrani. It could be friendship or romance, it doesn't really matter. (Abrani is Abraham and Dani, for clarification/ in case you didn't know)

I always sort of shipped them since The Edge of Glory video, I don't really know why. I kinda thought maybe they'd become friends or something. They're kind of each other's opposite in a way, which I love. Too bad Dani got sent home so early :(

Pleasey? I'll give you a cookie if you write some Abrani, I really will! _
10/7/2012 c1 13areuacat
LOVED IT! Could you do some sort of Chaylin drabble?
9/11/2012 c1 db53979825
Are you gonna keep writing cause I really like first chapter I hope you'll
8/25/2012 c1 pjato-lover
Can you do a Romany/damsay fic? Where rory/Damian is crushing on harmony through the years?

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