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8/26/2012 c2 3alix33
"A samovar is essentially a huge vat for heating water. A pot of concentrated tea sits at the top – waiting to be diluted. Although originally the water was heated by charcoal or pine cones, electric ones have been around for a while now." - I Googled "samovar" the instant the term came up in the previous chapter. There are some very pretty ones available too, if the Wikipedia page that I opened after Googling is to be believed.
That grandmother's recipe's ingredients sound expensive.
"she thought as she pulled out her most ornate tea cups and laid them on the dining room table alongside some silver spoons." - I am too bad a housewife (and too poor) to even have ornate tea cups, hehehe.
8/26/2012 c1 alix33
"Stalin and Co., were trying to emancipate Muslim women on their southern borders - because they saw them as victims oppressed by their patriarchal Party activists in the region urged women to throw off their veil, attend soviet schools, become party members, and all that jazz." - I totally like the idea of women of any religious background becoming emancipated, but they should not IMO do so just to become enslaved anew.
8/25/2012 c3 7Angelhaggis
This was really well-written and moving especially as there is little work on these two intriguing characters. I was hoping to do my own soon but yours is so good it would be difficult to match.

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