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11/27/2013 c7 Tamya
I have to say; that this is the most beautiful jibbs story i've ever read. Just gorgeous! *.*
9/9/2012 c5 grandepretresse
Bravo ! C'est le seul mot qui me viennent à l'esprit ! Ton histoire est construite et crédible. Bravo !
9/9/2012 c2 grandepretresse
Yaouh ! tu as du faire pleins de recherches ou alors tu es très bonne en histoire ! XD En tout cas, c'est super mais je n'en dis pas plus, et je continue à lire.
9/9/2012 c7 3alix33
"Another time, another place it might just as easily be them. He refused to dwell on how he would feel if the same thing happened to him. It never would happen to him, he told himself. Once in a lifetime was enough for that kind of pain. She was his to protect and he couldn't imagine reneging on the promise he'd made to himself about that when things had become serious between them." - AW!
9/8/2012 c1 Alex
Wonderful story as always. One thing though; although the Army swears allegiance to HM The Queen it is simply the 'British Army'; the Royal Navy swears allegiance not to the Queen but to the Admiralty and it's members are thus unable to become Yeoman Warders (The Tower of London's Beefeaters - just a little nugget for future reference) as last but not least the Royal Air Force is Royal in both senses, name and oath...
9/8/2012 c6 24ltjvt1026
These are just as good now as they were when you first put 'em out. Great job.
9/7/2012 c6 3alix33
That Williams is in SO much trouble.
9/7/2012 c6 GretaJ
What an amazing amount of research and detail you have put into this story!
9/6/2012 c5 alix33
Damn, the Brits, or at least David Williams, just had his cover blown.
9/6/2012 c5 GretaJ
You write them together so beautifully!
8/28/2012 c4 Guest
update soon
8/28/2012 c4 alix33
"Jen looked surreptitiously at her partner. "Yeeeeesss?" he drawled without looking at her." - A drawly Gibbs should IMO be snogged to within an inch of his life.
"Jen looked surreptitiously at her partner. "Yeeeeesss?" he drawled without looking at her. "Nothing," she said as she picked a piece of imaginary lint off his dark suit. "You're thinkin' about having your wicked way with me in here, aren't you?" "While we're on the job? Never," she said with mock seriousness. "As soon as we're off the job though, preeetty much!" - It made me laugh, that Jenny Shepherd had pretty much the same idea concerning a drawly Gibbs (or it could be Gibbs in a dark suit) that I had.
"Bardha had dined at the upscale Library restaurant in Belgravia – and consequently so had they." - Excuse me a couple of minutes, please, while I Google that restaurant.
OK, the food sounds yummy enough from review in The Independent, a British daily newspaper.
I have never ever even worn stockings (though our twelfth grade school uniform at the co-ed white South African state school I went to at the tail end of apartheid did include pantyhose - I must have gone through three pairs a week of those - one inch black heels and a navy A-line skirt with a white school button down shirt and navy blazer), and if they are very delicate at all, I will rip them already just in the putting on process, I am that much of a klutz.
8/27/2012 c3 4sweetdreams
Excellent detail and characters are spot on... nice to see Svetlana back in action. Hope that's a good sign!
8/26/2012 c2 108Archived.FG97
absolutely 100% beautiful xx
8/26/2012 c2 3alix33
"which grew bigger when she saw the look of relief on Laura Evan's face." - "Linda Evans' face".
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