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16h c11 Axccel
Light screen doesn’t affect physical attacks.
7/4 c62 10Blazer-Of-Heat
You have done something with this story that I never expected- you brought the spark of mysticism back to me for pokemon that I haven’t felt since I was a child. You managed to breathe life to a world that for the longest time had started to feel bleak and grey, giving it color and life that I’ve felt missing in it for years. Thank you.
7/1 c22 Aavv21
Can everything just stop scorching him and burning him and freezing him and boiling him. It's getting annoying now. Every damn chapter.
6/30 c62 Vonta01
Can you please have Ash compete in the ever grande conference
6/29 c11 Aavv21
Tangela already had sludge bomb! It was in the Pokedex entry and he used it in battle against Pierce as well. So why the sludge bomb TM again? Also.. Nidorino gets 2 TM's every time while others don't get anything too great. Pidgeot can use Brave Brid.. Tangela could use Solar Beam instead of Double Sludge Bomb TM and Kigdra can use a Dragon type move too. This is clear bias favouritism.
6/24 c62 Venator1995
Of course I’d see Praise the Sun here just a week after I started Dark Souls. \[T]/
6/20 c62 ElektrikRush
Great story! Could you update the Pokemon on your profile if that's okay?
6/15 c62 Guest
New chapter?
6/13 c62 Guest
When is the next chapter coming?
6/13 c62 Guest
So good, keep the good work up please!
6/13 c62 MassiveCollateralDamage
I've been binging this series over the course of a few days to a week, and I absolutely love this story! It feels just like a Pokémon series, but with just enough realism and unique elements for it to be its own, good story! I've heavily enjoyed watching Ash's team grow and change and go through trials with Ash. Watching Ash's development has also been super enjoyable! I love how much he's grown and how much he's learned over the course of the story! And seeing how the Legendries fit into the story has been exciting too! I eagerly await future chapters!
6/12 c7 4Verdauga
Okay. That was Cool.
6/6 c61 5The Durdens Wrath
I love this story so much.
Out of curiosity, why doesn't Ash trust Steven about Jirachi?
6/5 c6 2When The Moonbeams Glow
Keeps saying “all my friends have [nicknames]”
Nidorino doesn’t have a nickname lol
6/3 c62 Cypher1001
Absolutely wonderful story so far! Binged the whole thing in a month (at the cost of studying for exams) and it’s been brilliant. Keep it up!
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