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for The Grey Soldier

9/16/2018 c2 2Mike Kromer
Interesting start to this. Must have more asap. Love it so far, keep it up. Can't wait to see what happens next.
10/15/2012 c2 2Jman12394
i like this ichika. he's going to be interesting
9/20/2012 c2 V2
F***ing awesome man, really need t roll out the updates quicker though.
As for grammar I see no probs and the fights did play out better than you think, but yeah a beta could give you tremendous help in writing so keep looking.
Till next time, peace.
8/27/2012 c1 LH X
nice description, felt like i saw it...also one word missing at the beginning of the story "lucky day"...would like to see it continue...
8/26/2012 c1 V2
Now this this is originality right here (with some references to other IS Fanfics like fujin's). Already excited for the next chapter. Now lets see how this plays out.
8/26/2012 c1 11Unlimited Blade Works
An interesting start.
8/26/2012 c1 7Nightmares Around Winter
Awesome stuff man. I'll look forward too see how you go on with this. :)

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