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for The Eisbaby Cometh

2/6/2021 c5 18YamiYugiYuki
Oh my god I literally SQUEAKING with how hard I’m laughing. Gods I adore your stories and have read them all several times
9/29/2015 c5 3TeaAndApathy
So funny
1/15/2015 c4 13Chris Atola
Wizzardy? Oh, the mental image of Renard wearing Rincewind's hat... Does not compute! *dies laughing*
1/10/2015 c5 114Scififan33
Poor Nick
10/28/2014 c5 43satomika

I enjoyed it!

I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time I was reading :D
6/12/2014 c5 2Biichi-gi
Yup, those are some pretty major warnings that should not have remained unmentioned. Hairball? Ha! And, were I there, I would be a not so teenage female trampling behind him every morning. They do rather great him with a decided air of possession, don't they? Still, it's nice to know they have someone who understands and will stand by them. Thanks for this, then. Loved it.
6/12/2014 c4 Biichi-gi
Now THAT'S the way to handle those traffic jams! I loved it and, I gotta say, many the time I have sincerely wished for a like talent, unless 'twere (might be wrong on the spelling thereof) the ability to leave a cruddy driver with the memory of what his ineptitude might cause without the messy and deadly outcome involved. That or an AT AT (again, spelling). Hahaha

He and Hank still need to have that conversation, huh?
6/12/2014 c2 Biichi-gi
Yeah, fortunately the kid did not appear to be breaking wind...HA!
I gotta say it's touching that a dying Eisbieber would trust a, well let's just say it, baby sittingly challenged Grimm with their child. Too bad he hasn't had any tot training at the PPD, huh?
I liked this chapter so much I might va needed a diaper myself (just joking).
6/12/2014 c1 Biichi-gi
A teething Eisbieber and he's singing Sponge Bob? :))
Well, something like that will sure put a damper on your day, I can tell you. And a word, they don't call them vixen for nothing.
Cute, as I must say
6/1/2014 c2 2Theocracy
Fuchsbladen? Original, but I like it very much... I don't have any Grimm fanfics planned right now, but I'll write some in the future... mind if I use the term? Credit is always yours, however...
4/2/2014 c3 4allisvanity
Compos mentis, a la grecque, and hob. Most fanfiction I read has me mentally fixing grammar and spelling errors, and with yours I learned three new words in ONE chapter!
Here are all my props. Take as many as you can carry. You can even hire a truck.
2/9/2014 c5 Guest
Delightful story.
1/25/2014 c5 34LadyAnalyn
1/25/2014 c4 LadyAnalyn
I think Hank means Renard's a hard a**. Tight a** is something guys say about women, more of a rude compliment depending on who you talk to. Though I'm sure Renard has a tight a** himself. ;)
1/25/2014 c3 LadyAnalyn
I'm sure you've been informed but we do say stove and not hob. I don't think we use hob for anything, unless it's hobgoblin. I will use hob when writing Torchwood fanfiction though and there's a stove involved. I have to say it's probably a good thing the Harry Potter books were translated into American because kids would have been so confused. Anyway, this is an interesting story.
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