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2/3/2013 c1 aydentheamicable
Glimmer has always carried this blonde stereotype around with her and I think if anyone does a grand job of vanquishing that; it's you. She is still a girl though and so we still see her flirty nature - especially with the tribute of District 10. And on that note, you make him someone I do still care about and feel for as he dies. There was practically nothing about him in the books other than his foot but you build around that and make somebody we can root for; at least for a little while. And as someone with disabilities, his act of stabbing Glimmer in the foot really resounded with me. Few understand what it's like and the Hunger Games has to be absolutely hellish for someone who can't run as fast as everyone else who comes from a poor district without much to show for it in terms of memorable victors. And not lying, his pet fox made me love him even more. Although we still get the Glimmer we are used to as well, the girl that assumes the buzzing isn't anything and can't forget about the boy. But easily the most powerful scene of the entire story is the last section. That perfect use of repetition goes so far and makes me care for her even more than I have in any of her other ships. Everything you write is just so striking and so easily imagined - her tracker jacker illusions hadn't been something I had ever thought about and yet what else could they be? The only thing I could say in terms of the more technical side of things is just watch sentence length. I can't pick out one particular sentence but especially near the beginning I felt there were some that were runons or very close to become runons. Fanfiction is mean to explore other sides of characters and stories, something you did so well that I ship it.
11/1/2012 c1 70keep my issues drawn
wow, i really loved this, roma! :) it was just ugh ajflskdfsd perfect

your characterisation of glimmer here was perfect, and i loved how she was saying throughout the piece that different people (peeta&katniss, cato&clove, etc) didn't know love, didn't really know it at all. and just all of this was so perfect. especially the end few lines.

great job! :)
9/11/2012 c1 22truces
Ooh, this is so nice. I really liked Glimmer's characterization, she's not a dunce but she has that girly flounciness that we all know and love. :P I likes the paragraph about Glimmer seeing through Katniss and Peeta's "love", and how it came back at the end. Great work. :)
9/3/2012 c1 11dewdrops and crowns
I really liked this. I've always thought as much clever than a 'dumb blonde' sort of image that's stuck on her. And I liked the repetition of 'She's been noticing everything since she was old enough to blink her eyes open' it shows her intelligence.
And this is a pairing really hard to do, and you did it very well.
Great job :)

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