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12/25/2017 c2 Katarina325
I don't mean no offence, but don't you think the second chaoter was kind of rape?
12/27/2016 c2 19Elena Parker
Wait... the first chapter... it was not a dream, was it?
7/26/2015 c2 ilovshibari
Omg yessss /
So cute
4/18/2015 c2 2molly122
so... Ugh!
10/25/2014 c1 Eva246
I absolutely love the way you portray Mystogan. I don't know how to describe it in full...he's just sexier and more alive in a way, but you still maintain his character as a whole with nothing out of character. I love how there's some hilarious moments in here too, as well as interaction with a lot of the other Fairy Tail guild members.

Originally, I had found this story a while back ago, but never took the time to review it, which is why I'm here now. I've actually reread these two chapters a couple of times now. It would be so awesome if you decided to continue this though. I know I'd be reading it because now it seems like I'd prefer your Mystogan instead of any other story's Mystogan.

That's how good I think this is. Love it x10 and wishing you a very great day.

x Eva
8/14/2014 c2 Niko Namikaze
This is phenomenal! I LOVE IT!
8/14/2014 c2 The Mystics
I like it! :)
6/16/2014 c2 UnKnown
it was good
6/2/2014 c1 3Tsukuyomi Hikaru
3/9/2014 c2 Thatanimegirl109
Love it
3/23/2013 c2 Alyss-z

I love it \\\\\\\3

Update soon xD
12/31/2012 c2 3Yuzurin
I like Mystogan here. Update soon
12/25/2012 c2 SmaugsD
ohhhh wow :D
12/25/2012 c2 1Apollo2213
Omg this is amazing and generally i'm not into perverted fics but wow is all i can say about this chapter.
11/24/2012 c1 ClassicRed
Gah I love this update or make a sequel
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