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9/10/2012 c1 1AlwayzOlicity
Ooh loved this. I wish we could have seen something like this on the series. Great job!
9/7/2012 c1 LadyMo
Yes their beginning. I love this.
9/6/2012 c1 2Bealie
... how emotional ... was a great story! I love it!
9/3/2012 c1 88Arones
doh! I love this! it's fantastically sweet and romantic and real and guh...so glad you wrote it!
8/30/2012 c1 RhizOneill
Loved it. Hope to read more soon!
8/29/2012 c1 30bluemoonmaverick
I hope this is the beginning. Would love to see more! Really nice.
8/27/2012 c1 7Alyaa
This is so sweet! I'm a bundle of fluff, now! (And I love it XD)

I really like the idea of them meeting each other in that way.
And I wonder... Sam pauses at the door every time: is it for Jack to run after her? Does she hope that eventually he would? And then, she won't be able to leave since she doesn't *want* to anyway?
I like to think it is the reason why she stops before to leave his house

Well... I enjoyed the reading a lot! Thank you!
8/27/2012 c1 70BettyHall223
Good story.
8/27/2012 c1 12remerkaba
Very nicely written. I enjoyed this.
8/27/2012 c1 1steadfast
Love it!
8/27/2012 c1 3qenie
Very sweet. I like it.
8/27/2012 c1 106gatehead81
hey, hey :) I like this. It's another viable possibility for them. I love the (almost traditional) role reversal in this, having her be the one to leave every time is better than the other way around because Jack could just not do that...Sam however is logical enough to see why she must, not just for her but for him too.
And so finally, after all this time they get to open their own door. How, when, how publicly at first doesn't matter...it's all about our two doing their thing...as it should be :)

Thank for this, I really enjoyed it.
8/27/2012 c1 flyingdocbrett
ooh I do hope there will be more chapters though. Cause this is a really good kick off :)
8/26/2012 c1 5Angeleene
This is really sweet, I loved it.
I always thought that something like that could have happened in the show. You know, both of them having some sort of secret "affair" when it was too unbearable, when a mission gone really bad. Like when Jack had been tortured and killed by Ba'al numerous time or many other times.
So thank you, it was a great idea
8/26/2012 c1 Sonstar58
Awww I love it! :D

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