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1/15/2018 c1 1Darth Becky 726
How did Shawn get into Hogwarts? That's the British wizard school. He would've gone to Ilvermorny, simply because he's from the US. Oh, well. Semantics, I suppose.
5/17/2014 c7 36Fanficaddicttion
this was a nice story. the only thing I was confused about was why did u put shawn and lassister together? I'm not against same sex relationships or anything it's just there was never anything in the show the implied that they had the type of chemistry and it didn't really add anything to the story as a writer myself I felt the change was unnecessary. That was the only thing that threw me otherwise great story. the Harry Potter/Psych crossoverness of it was flawless in and of itself.
6/11/2013 c7 8luckydarkpage
This story is cute. I like the potential that it has. However, it went by too fast, didn't have a lot of detail, and I didn't feel emotionally connected with the characters. There was also a lot missing in this story about Shawn's past as a wizard, and the Lassie/Shawn aspect didn't seem real enough. This story has a lot of potential and could be really good. The effort was great, especially for a first complete fic. My best advice is find a way to make the readers connect with the story, make the story come alive, imagine that you are in that story as a bystander and talk about what is going on and how everybody is feeling. I'll probably read more of your works in the future to see how you progress, cute story and good luck in your future endeavors!
4/11/2013 c9 37redwolffclaw
Cute. I have a real soft spot for crossovers. Takes a lot of talent to do them well. :-D
4/6/2013 c9 12Blacken Knight
Great chapter! I wonder when Gus ended up in Mexico. Haha
4/6/2013 c9 47phnxgrl
I loved this chapter. I loved how Shawn had to inform Hermione that her father was dead in Santa Barbara. I loved Lassie's reaction after being transported. I loved how Hermione was upset and needed to get back where the crime was committed. I loved this time they took a portkey. Please continue.
3/26/2013 c8 Guest
Please put a slash worming next time with who the slash is...I will never be able to watch psych the same way again...
3/8/2013 c1 Thunder Stag
I'm sorry, but...it BURNS! This is much too fast. I suggest you read The Best Seven Years. It's a Calvin and Hobbes/Harry Potter crossover. You could do this great idea like that; It wouldn't be that bad.
1/17/2013 c8 choccy
love the first sentence 'Life at the station was good.' Of all the words in the universe to use you went for good ;)
Ginny has been naughty
I liked this chapter
1/15/2013 c6 choccy
I like the combination of ideas with Harry Potter and Psych.
1/14/2013 c3 choccy
very gripping I liked this chapter
I liked the humour
1/14/2013 c2 choccy
sorry about not replying sooner
it is really good
try to add some more adjectives and more detail
12/1/2012 c8 12Blacken Knight
Cool! I can't wait for the next one!
11/14/2012 c4 choccy.x
good story love magic/psychic detective plot
try to use more adjectives and feelings, help to expand points
9/29/2012 c7 22Post U Later
Man You Scared Me For A Second! I Totally Thought It Was Going To Turn Out All Bad, But Thank MERLIN, That Lassie Found Shawn.
Great Fic. A Little Short Though... Meaning I Want More. Lol
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