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6/6 c20 Cee Gee7
Great story I really enjoyed it. Please continue writing. TY
10/14/2020 c20 2chelsncisfan
Omg ok just saying sorry to all the people who had rude comments this was amazing. I really liked this just it was fun and like very serious at the same time. Great job
11/20/2018 c20 rpenny33
This is a really good story and I have enjoyed reading it every time I have read it.
10/25/2015 c12 judysam936
10/25/2015 c8 judysam936
Awsome job
7/3/2015 c18 Guest
Thank you for that story. Its realy good until the chapter with the birthday present. Since that point it was to much - to much father daugther relationship and not enough professionel behavior. I never understood Eli - how he can educate his daugther to a killer -but its not realy logical that Gibbs
overprotect her, and on the other side he still works with her. He woud handle that in a different way.
The idea with Callen is realy great - because i like his character.
Please excuse my bad english and thank you for your writing
1/1/2014 c1 doramunteanu
hi, I dont found in what episode and in what serial (NCIS or NCIS LA) and what sezon was it where I can see the relationship between ziva and callen. I search a lot and I dint found. someone say it is somewhere in sezon 7? I really want to see it. Can someone help me?
12/25/2013 c19 clestaffordt
No, please continue! I am 100% TIVA fan but This started me to love Callen/Ziva. Also because, I am C O'Donnel fan! Pls ignore those bigots.
12/24/2013 c19 GoranR
Well if some people don't like your story they should just stop reading, is as simple as that. Personally I like this story a lot, even tough it has some details people understand that this is fanfiction, you're doing this for fun and we read just for the same reason.

If you want to delete your story because you want to correct something or even because YOU don't like it anymore that's ok, but deleting it because some people are being rude is probably not a good idea.

I personally would like to read a sequel for "The Assignment" so just know that if you keep writing I'll keep reading
12/24/2013 c19 Dragonswife
It makes me sad you are deleting this. I really liked it and Callen/Ziva is my favorite ship (even if I'm one of the few). Others who don't write shouldn't rudely comment, or should at least offer to beta. I for one would love to see a sequel. Thank you for writing.
10/15/2013 c18 Mrs. Kauhn
I really enjoyed the ziva and callen relationship and would love too see more
10/8/2013 c3 rpenny33
The sentence should be if you were in DC I would head slap you.
9/4/2013 c17 Jessie S
Awwww! SEQUEL!
8/25/2013 c9 rpenny33
In an earlier chapter you said if Callen weren't in DC Gibbs would head slap him. It should be if you weren't in LA.
7/18/2013 c18 rpenny33
I really like this story and would like it if you wrote a sequel. I would really like to see where this story goes.
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