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10/18/2012 c9 8WolfOfProphecy's
YAY! Please Update... Please 0.0
10/18/2012 c9 22Post U Later
OMG Tony Is Too Much. He's Too Awesome, Too Sexy, Too Talented In Everything, Too Generous, Too Loyal, & Too... Let's Just Say There's No Words To Describe How Much I Wish Tony Wasn't Just A Character Right Now.
Lol, I Love That Tony Didn't Even Notice The 50 People In His Kitchen. & I Really Like How They All Came To Help With The Clean Up.
& That Story?
'He'd cut his hair like that Matt Damon dude, the one in the Bourne movies, and he's wearing a french maid outfit and these tabby cat ears and tail.'
"Captain, dearest, do these panties make my ass look fat?"
-Oh Man I Just Can't Stop Imagining Tony Doing That... It's Invaded My Mind & TAKEN IT OVER! O.O Lol.
& All The Things Tony Did During The Clean Up? Freaking Amazing! Helping The Kitten, Acting Out A Silly Play, Standing In A Food Service Line, Wearing A Hair-Net & Apron, Dishing Out Food, Playing A Game Of Football. All Way To Amazing For Any Normal Person(& Thank GOD Tony's Not Normal). XD
Wow I Didn't Think Clint Would Ever Remember. Thankfully I Was Proven Wrong! & I'm Glad Tony Was Able To Clear It Up With Clint That Tony Was Retired. The Others Would Have Noticed Sooner Or Later. ;D
Lol I Loved The Entire Part Where They Switched Bodies(Except When Clint Accidentally Hurt Inari).
"If you ever, and I mean EVER, mess with my people like that again, I will eviscerate you with my bare hands and string your entrails from here to Grand Central Station and then laugh while the tunnel rats eat your maggot-encrusted corpse!"
-Oh Man, I Can Just Imagine Tony Yelling At Fury In Front Of Everyone. It's Good He Finally Gets Some Respect From Hill & The Junior Agents. Hopefully He Gets A Bit More Respect From Fury Too. He Deserves It.
"I have to admit that its weird hugging you while at the same time not hugging you."
-Lol. I Bet That Would Feel Really Weird! XD
"right one this damn time"
-This Just Made Me Smile.
& I'm Glad That Steve Finally Apologized To Tony. He Was A Jerk To Tony & Totally Undermined Him. Like With The Dancing, Tony Was Honestly Offering His Help & Was Shot Down, Probably With Insults That Were Worse That Rude & More Than Likely Hurt Tony's Feelings... Because They Forget He Has Them.
& That Mind Blowing Dance With Brad At The End Would Have Thrown My Mind Into Oblivion If I Had Actually Seen It. Just Reading It Blew My Mind!
Man, This Is Like The Longest Review EVER! Well I Wont Take Up Anymore Of Your Time With My Useless Babble.
10/18/2012 c9 6AnExpressionOfWisdom
Another great chapter - I loved Clint's terror :)

And the dance lessons part with the team having shot him down - plus always love same-sex dance partners - I feel as though there is so much scope in a routine w M/M or F/F
10/18/2012 c9 15Maverick14th
You updated! Yes! This is fantastic! Love how a bunch of the Order come to help out Tony and to make sure he's okay. Love that Clint figured out Tony's other identity and how, through Steve and Tony fighting and then Tony blowing off steam while being an awesome fighter. Love how Steve and Tony make up and how Tony and Brad dance together! Great work on building up all the relationships, it really is fantastic.

Super happy you could update and looking forward to your next chapter.
10/18/2012 c9 34Mouse-size-Dragon
Dun, dun, dun, Clint knows! Excellent, now they can be closer friends than they would have been before because they both understand what it's like being an assassin and now trying to be a hero instead. Tony's got at least one Avenger who knows his secret and is still in his corner.

And the body swap was probably one of the best ways to get Steve to realize how hard it is to be Tony. Thinking about having a heavy piece of equipment implanted into my chest makes me shudder a little (the whole putting it there in a freaking cave must have been hella painful).

Great as always. Now, especially with how this chapter ended, I'm anxiously waiting for the next morsel you're willing to grace us with.
10/18/2012 c9 Neellok
Great new chapter. Love that his friend helped him with the clean up. The body switching was funny and yet serious since Steve wouldn't understand Tony's body at all. I love that Tony has his hands in so many pies because he really wants to help out! He's a good guy!

And Inari is just dang cute! :)

10/18/2012 c9 WayToPretty
LOVE IT! Update soon x
10/18/2012 c9 oceanoframen
I LOVED IT! learned a lot about tony in it:D
10/18/2012 c9 5charliebrown1234
Another amazing chapter. I particularly liked how Tony helped with clean up and his regular dance lessons. Update soon?

10/16/2012 c8 22Post U Later
Aww This Was A Super Cute Chapter... Well, After The Palladium Poisoning Part That Is. XP
I Bet Inari Is So Cute! & I Could Totally Imagine Tony With A Pet Fox. XD
'Pepper and Anatassia knew that he still held a torch for Brad (because those two knew everything, damn them) and made twin "awwing" sounds as he flipped them the bird behind Brad's back.'
-Heck Even I Awed At That... Then I Laughed At Tony Flipping The Girls Off. ;D
'...taking a bite of chili and almost wiggling in pleasure'
-Lol I Can Practically See Tony Eating That Chili! ;P
Can't Wait For The Next Chapter! This Is A Really Good Story! X3
10/16/2012 c7 Post U Later
Oh Yes. I LOVE IT! Man This Makes Me Want To Watch The Movie Again & Add All The Little Details From This To It. XD
10/16/2012 c6 Post U Later
Oh God, The Jericho. The Weapon That Started This Whole Thing... Though We Really Should Be Grateful Towards It. Without It Tony Probably Wouldn't Have Been Captured, Tortured & Forced To Make The Iron Man Suit.
& Lol "...can you please explain why you attacked Agent Barton?" I Wonder If Either Agent(Coulson) Or Clint Remember That? I Mean They Probably Do But They'll Never Know It Was Tony. & Tony Makes Fun Of Clint About His Bow. So Funny! XD
10/16/2012 c8 8WolfOfProphecy's
Please Update Soon... 0.0
10/16/2012 c5 22Post U Later
Oh Man This Made Me Cry! That Letter Really Got To Me! & The Picture Too. How Terribly Sad. Poor Tony!
10/16/2012 c4 Post U Later
Aww He's A Fox! Clever, Quick, & A Trickster. That's Tony In A Nutshell. XD I Love It!
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