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5/12/2016 c13 HarleyIvy
I liked it, I've never really read a good assassin!Tony story before, though I read one. It wasn't as long as yours, and I can't remember if it was good.
3/11/2016 c13 RobertasticRobot1231
Meh 6\10
3/11/2016 c2 RobertasticRobot1231
So far this is incredibly cliche, as in, disgustingly so

Tony uses bows and arrows apparently (aka Clints signature weapon) and he meets a Russian red head ( Natasha anyone?) who's going to be an assassin, the same as him

Unless this takes a plot twist that DOESN'T end in "Anastassia" getting with Tony I'm as good as gone
12/14/2015 c13 6PiptheSnake
Damn you it's three in the morning i've places to be tomorrow and your bloody good writing skills have obstructed my sleep (two in a row, I've read, TWO IN A ROW) and I need to be on my game tomorrow because there's mario kart and I WILL win and dammit you're just good at writing and stuff and this was amazing and just yea
10/4/2015 c13 6Kat A. Coop
Wow. This was amazing. This was right up my ally and very enjoyable, thank you!
9/25/2015 c13 1TwoRollsOfParchment
I just realised "sivaas" and "sunvaar" means 'beast' or 'animal' in the language of the dov.

That makes me very mad and very happy at the same time. I don't know. It's confusing. But I thought the origin of the words were like, middle eastern or something? And it turns out to be from a video game? So there's this sense of betrayal but at the same time the nomenclature was total genius. So yeah...

The storyline and writing were also amazing. I love assassin!Tony
8/3/2015 c13 Mari Wollsch
great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/30/2015 c1 EternalPharaoh
This was AMAZING!
7/22/2015 c13 13creativesm75
6/30/2015 c13 Facebook - YoungJusticeForever
Good job. I enjoyed reading it. Perfect story.
2/8/2015 c13 RandominatorOwl
I. LOVE. THIS. I adore how you can make Tony an assassin like you have, and then layer in all kinds of complexity and emotion into him and eep. You short-circuited my brain.
1/31/2015 c13 2skylaeatpie
Amazing job! I love this!
1/24/2015 c13 6The Random Human
Amazing fic! I really love how you structured the assassins, and that everyone got a choice. I also love how you portrayed Howard and Maria Stark, this is the first time I've seen them portrayed as good parents and it was done extremely well. Tony's training and abilities were awesome, and I loved the situations you put him through. I also loved the Tony/Brad combination, again one of the only times I've read an OC and a main character be so well fitted to the story - when you mentioned character death I nearly thought you meant Brad and would've cried if that was the case, saying that you really got the audience to connect with the characters, especially with things like Tony's first kill, character deaths and Tony being revealed as the Fox, the last few chapters were great! Overall it was one of the best fic's I've read in a while!
1/23/2015 c13 FMAlover32
Loved it!
12/26/2014 c13 DRINKnotTHINK13
I totally love it!
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