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11/11/2014 c13 scryash22
This amazingly well written. The story plot is also excellent! I'm glad Tony and Brad finally got together! Steve is a jerk and needs to get over himself. Awesome work, I can't wait for an update.
5/8/2014 c13 1Kokos
I really enjoyed this story. Though the ending was a little abrupt. But I really loved the concept of a loving Howard and a non abusive assassin guild.

Thank you for writing it.
4/28/2014 c13 inshaowsoflove
This was great. Are you going to do a sequel or a companion piece? This universe fascinates me.
4/20/2014 c1 Guest
I absolutely fucking love this story
3/10/2014 c2 Guest
My god- After all that time of Alexander calling Tony 'Lil Pup, I thought for sure his mask was gonna be a dog O_o
2/18/2014 c1 mrcowsaysmoo
Wow. Just wow.

I just wanted to let you know that this is like my all time favorite fanfic like of all freakin time. I'm probably gonna end up babbling but just bear with me-I'm still amazed that you put this much thought into the back story of the organization and you made it feel real (Like I honestly feel like it could really be a real thing) and I love how you showed another side of Tony that the others wouldn't expect him to have. I also loved it how you added the thing about how Tony can actually dance and the team was like whaaaaat? (Suck it team, that's what you get for judging a book by its cover :p) I honestly love when the team learns something about Tony that they wouldn't expect. Also, this is like the one story that I actually LIKE the OC's. You did a great job developing them and not just focusing on the canon characters (most people just throw OC's into their story without any background and they seem out of place but yours fit flawlessly into the story). Anyway, just wanted to tell you what an AMAZING job you did on this. Like honestly. It was freakin awesome. 3
12/1/2013 c11 24Elivira
Wow, great story! I would like to point out that you have the incorrect Japanese word for wolf, urufu could be used foe someone whose surname is Wolf (like me) and online translaters do that but it is incorrect, the correct word is Okami.
9/29/2013 c13 Mac-n-Tosch
Love the way you managed to wow your story together with all its different characters and make it believable. Especially with all the different characters names and the way they spoke to each other, I was just wondering where (or if) you know Norwegian from since some of the names and the nickname Alexander gave Tony (lille valp/ meaning little puppy) is Norwegian?
8/20/2013 c13 1EverChangingMetamorphmagus
u made tony badass...WHY CAN'T EVERYONE DO THAT!
8/6/2013 c13 19Resident Evil Lionhart
I think, honestly, that Steve wouldn't have been upset with Tony killing people since that's what Clint and 'Tasha do for SHIELD almost daily. I think Steve would have been more upset at the laughter, and that Tony could then explain that it was because the jerk who hurt an Order member got what was coming to him and not that he laughed at every kill. However, I do see the others acting the way they do and getting over it as fast as they did.

Love the story!

7/30/2013 c13 kakita101
This was awesone. I love your stories and this is one of my favorite Avengers story. I look forward to more.
7/15/2013 c1 4Tenshi no Shiine
Were can I find the uncensored version?
6/2/2013 c13 1Lucky Guard
I really enjoyed this story. It is very well written. I cant wait till the next chapter.
Awesomeness. O.O
It's wonderful.
I love it. :D
This deserves a sequel!
But you don't have to write one.
But I would love you forever if you did. ;)
5/10/2013 c13 19dri-dri93
This was awesome from start to finish. I found it accidentally, and I have to say, I'm glad that I did. This story's basic idea was so...weird and yet alluring that I just had to read it, and when I did, I found that it was even better than what I thought that it would be.
You did an awesome job creating the assassin's organization (I can't remember it's name for the life of me). It seemed so realistic that I'm almost willing to go Google it to figure out whether this is just building off of some real thing. What language did you use for the names? Arabic? A different Middle Eastern language? Whatever it was, it provided a sense of intrigue and a feeling of just how ancient the group is.
An absolutely amazing job.
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