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9/27/2012 c2 41Hita-Chan
WOOT! Catallie was amazing :D Cant wait to read more! I love all the other Ocs as well! WOOHOO!
9/26/2012 c2 BunnyChan
I like this hehe!... It's going to be hard to choose the cast (I like them all)... Lol I laughed at the part when Renge burst open the door and said that BL thing!
9/26/2012 c2 BittersweetChocolates09
Nice idea with this omake! And good job for coming up with such a storyline with so many characters to include and consider! Keep it up! And yes, I agree, it's going to be a tough decision choosing the cast...they're all awesome in their own ways! Also, don't worry, you nailed Daisuki's character! :)) I'm so excited to see - read- what's going to happen next! Good luck! :)

Hope you update soon! :D
9/25/2012 c2 5Clear Cyan
It's so awesome to see an update from you. Wonderful idea with putting an Omake with all the OC's you've got so far; got me grinning with each word I read. All the OC's seem fantastic! Looks like it'll be hard to choose the main cast indeed. (Also, looks to me that you've got each character to the tee, prefect portraying you've done :D)

I'll be looking forward to the next chapter ;)

9/25/2012 c2 IAmTheStars
I LOVED it! I got quite a few laughs out of it and I can't wait for more. :) Please update soon!

9/25/2012 c1 UnknownSDFG
Name:Sammy Hinawaza


Age:15 1/2


Appearance:Brown waist hair, two high pony tails, aqua green eyes, orange head band, 5'3 tall, a few freckles on her nose.

Personality:She is a nice girl. She is a tomboy, likes to get her own ways, scare people in a nice way, a fan of horror movies, Funny, & listen to music.

History:She is a happy go lucky girl. Always is a insider, likes to know of astronomy all her life, she always had her parents out of home most of the time. She had been lone some sometimes, had sometimes some of her friends come over before they moved. She was In Ouran since she was a kid. She comes from the U.S but her parents are both Japanese. Also in school she has been a trouble maker but gets out of trouble by using her puppy dog eyes or 'The Face.'

Likes:Chocolate, French fries, Coke, Horror movies, Anime or manga, scare people in a nice way or angry way, play video games, desserts, get her ways, & goldfish crackers.

Dislikes:Threats, mean people, yaoi, & girly stuff.


Hobbies:Roller skating or Ice skating


Fear(s):Losing friends, trust, or hope.


Parent's business/ work: Dad: Astronamers /Scientist & Mom: head of food company.

Social class:Middle class

Other:Obsesed or addicted to coke. Blushes easily if a boy gets close to her face, but they end up getting punch.

Host type:Happy go lucky
9/25/2012 c2 The Amendable Snow Freak
This was a great filler-story! Thank you for posting and please post again soon!
8/29/2012 c1 The Amendable Snow Freak
Yay! This story is amazing! It would be fun if you used the next person you see for the appearance of one if the charictors, then change their personality a little.
8/28/2012 c1 Old Lang Syne
This sounds interesting, I may as well send in a OC but I'll do so through PM
8/28/2012 c1 41Hita-Chan
This sounds really interesting to be honest. So here is my OC

Name: Catallie Saya Kobayashi

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Grade: 2A

Appearance: Shoulder length dark deep purple hair with black streaks in it and straight bangs that go straight down her forehead and then go down in two strips to her chin. Almond shaped sea green eyes and purple rimmed glasses. 5' 6" tall and weighs 123 lbs. She has a fair complexion and a scar from the left corner of her lip to the center of her left cheek. A small slightly pointed nose.

Personality: She is very emotionless to people she doesnt know. She tries to smile and seem like her normal friendly self but she has a struggle with it after what happened awhile ago with her family. She is very goofy and more relaxed and fun when she's friends with the person. She is quite shy in a sense. She has a short attention span and tends to block out people it they are annoying her. She also has a slight personality problem, she can't really decide what her personality is so she tends to always swap through many different moods and attitudes trying to find the one that fits her best.

History: She was born in Spain but moved to Japan with her father after her mother's company got bought from them and they had noticed some bullying happening to Catallie. She has lived in Japan and attended Ouran since she was about five. She had caused a major info out break of their company and ended up sending them spiraling back down and finally realized that owning a comapny just wasnt for them. So they moved to being in the higher but still middle class status.

Likes: Fruits, fudge, romance movies and books, poetry, singing, classical music, romantic montages, and dogs.

Dislikes: Play boys, comic books, carnivals, beef or any kind of meat from cows, swimming, and water slides.

Talent: She is an amazing musician. She can play violin, cello, electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, trumpet, and the bagpipes.

Hobbies: Making music, listening to music, hanging out with friends, walking her dogs, writing poetry, and watching romance movies.

Sexuality: Bi, but tries to hide it and leans more towards straight.

Fear(s): Water (Swimming or touching it, she can drink it just doesnt really like to and she gets nervous when showering), walruses, and black magic.

Family: Mother: Nina, Father: Hatori, Little sister: Hina, little brother: Masato, older brother: Len, husky, three labs, chiuahua, and a rottweiler.

Parent's business/ work: Still owns a model agency in Spain, secretly of course.

Social class: Higher but still middle class

Other: Not that I can think of...

Host type: Mysterious Type

I hope you like my OC and i hope you pick her! :) Good luck with your story!
8/28/2012 c1 1JoJoRific
Ciao I just happen to be a silent fan of your hetalia story kokorohime Cx and I just came across this ouran story of yours and I thought I would try to contribute :)

Name: Miko Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 2nd Year High School
Appearance: Really light blonde hair that covers his right eye which is steel grey, he has pale skin, and He always wears a scarf to match his clothes which are usually anything warm
Personality: Miko is a gentleman that flirts with girls but he doesn't know he's flirting(he considers it being a gentleman), out of habbit he tends to call every female Miss or Ma'am no matter what age, unless told not to many times, same goes for males, he calls every male no matter what age Sir, unless he is told not to, Miko is an extremely happy-go-lucky person that is carefree, but he sometimes has his blonde moments, and latly when there's a serious enough problem, Miko mixes some russian into his words and his personality goes all hitman scary. (I hope that's enough information )
History: Miko comes from a Russian family that is careless, because of their carelessness, it caused Miko to have a serious accident, he lost the color and vision from his right eye that he covers with his hair, after that accident Miko got attacked and has a large scar on his neck that he covers with his scarves, after both accidents his family started getting stricter and less careless, forcing Miko to do a lot of the work.
Likes: Miko likes nice people, icecream, his scarves, his hair, baking, Summer, Spring, anything cute and working hard to impress EVERYONE.
Dislikes: Bitter foods, mean people, the cold, bugs, and anything with more than 4 legs.
Talent: Baking!
Hobbies: Baking, reading, and collecting cute teddybears.
Sexuality: Female
Fear(s): Spiders and snakes
Family: mother, Catarina Knight, father, Ivan Knight, and 7-year-old twins, the girl is Miki and the boy is Niki.
Parent's Business/Work: His father is an undercover Russian mafia boss that works as a military leader, his mother is a hitwoman/home mom
Social Class: Middle class that lives in a normal 2 story house.
Other: Miko goes to Ouran on a baking scolarship provided by the military(aka his dad's job)
Host Type: The Gentlemanly Type/Or The Carefree Type(depending ob what you choose , the choice is up to you)

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