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for Fate: Zero Requiem

6/21 c1 Nitpicker420
Is this fic dead? I really hope not, been some of the best reading I found in a while
6/10 c16 3SkyChaser17
From voice actor refrence, could be said this Kirei follow the man who documented Zero exploits? Been bugging me since the prologue XD

Anyway,Kiritsugu got kiritsugu'd XP

Just say I'm waiting bad for this one to update. Also, seeing saber get her image wrecked by a teen who literally conquest the whole world and painted as the bad guy, man. That would be a ride.
6/8 c16 Seta88
Just read the story again and as you're still active I can only hope you will continue it at some point, especially looking forward to the banquet and Kireis talk with Kiritsugu.
5/19 c16 Crusada de Lata
Loved this story, so sad to see it abandoned. Holding onto the hope of a next chapter!
5/18 c1 IheLam
this is just amazing
4/14 c16 Apollyon29
3/12 c16 dragon slayer of death 98
god i can't wait for the next chapter
2/27 c16 Guest
Great story, shame it is dead, i would love to see lelouch reaktora to ionian hetairoi
2/20 c16 3Name C.H.A.O.S
Holy shit, that reveal! This is an awesome story! At first I had my doubts if Code Geass and Fate would work at all. However, seeing Lelouch/Zero relegated to using his brain for strategy/tactics feels a lot like how he was acting in Code Geass Season 1. I hope there's more to come, because I can't wait!
2/9 c16 Eion1783
Best Code Geass Crossover Fanfic I have ever read! Infinite kudos to both story and author. 3 This is superb work! :D
2/8 c16 ita123
I love this story please continue
2/7 c1 Sleeping.Cheshire
Please continue this story. It is SOOOOOO GREEEAAAT to read. I'm not much familiar with the fate series but I do have ideas about its characters and I think you did great in portraying its characters. As for Code Geass, Hell! I love how you managed to capture Lelouchs' character. All in all, the way you wrote your characters are so awesome they don't seem to have been ooc. So please, please, please update. Thank you.
1/27 c16 XhaiseX
Waiting for the next episode, this shit got really good
1/23 c16 Villiandeku9501
I can’t wait to see the first true wrench in Lelouch’s plan with rider finding out his true class, I always thought that rider was the second strongest servant of the war only because Gilgamesh was made ridiculously op, I also kinda want to see rider’s reaction to finding out Lelouch conquered his entire world, something rider could not, though with his personality he’d laugh and congratulate him. This is such an amazing story that earned my favorite, I can only hope it’s still going on considering what I assume is it’s update schedule. I can’t wait to see what’s next
1/16 c16 Keikaku-sama
GOOD LORD, this fic is good. I'd love to read more of it if you are able to update.
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