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8/26/2015 c4 1lawino
OK, everyone should read this fanfic while listening to man Vs rag and bone by Bastille... #tear_inducing
8/26/2015 c5 lawino
Ohmigosh Tahno! *dies* keep up the good work...
9/11/2013 c5 2Io's Torment
This is turning into a really interesting story. I like how you've written Korra.
4/29/2013 c5 mooontea
3/17/2013 c5 RhetoricallySpeaking
So excited for the next chapter!
3/16/2013 c1 Guest
What?! Was so not expecting that! Gold star for the plot twist. I'm excited to see where this story goes, its been some time since
I've read a good tahnorra ( besides therentyoupay of course). Glad to see the fandoms still kicking.
3/11/2013 c5 Kindly
Goodness, I absolutely LOVE your fanfiction!
it keeps me on my toes continuously and I love your portrayals of Tahno and Korra.
I can't wait for the next chapter!
3/10/2013 c5 2CharmedBooklett
(Also known as ExcitedReader)
Yes! Tahnorra interaction! This chapter sure was something filled with a series of unexpectedness. You m'dear sure know how to keep your readers on their toe's. Poor Shaozo is now suicidal and it was quite shocking, seeing as how hotheaded the firebender seems..full of vitality.
It was a bit of surprise to know how vialanty Tahno went after him too, coaxing his team mate from doing some stupid.
Aha! And let us not forget how he mentioned his true origins to Korra. The whole time were talking though I confess I was hoping for a healing scene and just about when I had giving up the thought you add one! Happines moment right there. The nature how the talk was serious but I couldn't help but get a sensual vibe when you'd describe the water practicly cerassing Tahno's sexy bo- you get my drift.

Hoping for more!
A faithful reader to this fic
3/10/2013 c4 ExcitedReader
This certainly wasn't a crap sandwich! It was an amazing chapter and I feel we've made more progress.
"I'm done crying over you"- I just went OOOOHHHHHHH O; right there, seriously I'm glad she put him in his place, though I feel Korra should be a bit understanding in terms of Asami's pregnancy. Yeah Mako's being a douche but it's understandable that he has to step up to his new responsibilities.

Our favorite wolfbat was fierce too, I can see that he admits the Triad was a bad idea but he certainly won't let Mako walk all over him.

Next chap is the last one for now, I'm both filled with excitement and dread.
As for the interaction between Tahno and Korra was short yet sweet although I hope this in the future gets a bit longer, perhaps a bit more drawn out.
3/10/2013 c3 ExcitedReader
Ohmygosh!, what a twist! Ming's death was an unexpected surprise, but it goes to show just how dangerous this gang truly is.

Po was ruthless, cutting all liable 'excuses' the wolf bats could think of. I hate him already.

Poor Shouzu and Tahno, the scene was so well defined that I could see it all in my mind's eye. The grief was felt.
But atleast Tahno and Korra met up in this chapter. Now onto chapter 4!
3/10/2013 c2 excitedReader
I've been reading none-stop these two chapter but before I can rip into the third one with a lot of, gusto, I decided to take the time and point out what a promising fic this is!
The plot line, the interpretation on Tahno's charachter is unique (seeing as most list him as too broken or overly antogonized; it seems he is more diffecult than he appears.)
And as for Asami's pregnancy I think it was a clever curve ball to seperate our 'golden' couple.

I can't wait until Tahno and Korra meet up again.
Ty so much for this fic! I hope you keep with it.
3/9/2013 c5 1Inwen
This chapter was definitely worth the wait! I'm really liking your take on this whole situation. I especially liked you having Tahno reveal a bit about his past. I think head canon everywhere is that he is from the swamp, and I like that you gave him a reason to come to republic city and how he met up with Ming and Shaozu.
That whole Asami/Mako situation is so awkward (which means its perfect), and it provided a nice and plausible explanation for her and Mako not to be together, so I like how you've weaved it into the story.
Really looking forward to Tahnorra soon, and I agree, we must stick together!
3/7/2013 c5 forficreadingonly
I'll be honest, I normally don't leave comments very often. But I am trying a new thing where I actually review everything I read from now on.

Don't worry, it was worth the wait.

This is one of only two ongoing tahnorra stories I am really into right now. I love the gritty realism and the great characterization and the immersive backstory. I love the pacing- you're taking the time to build the story up, but not dragging it out. And I can't wait for the next update.

Except that I will wait, for however long it takes you. Because it's that good.
1/26/2013 c4 LiesTemptHer
I really liked this chapter. And I absolutely HATE Mako. Always have, always will. He's so WRONG for Korra. Or any girl for that matter. He's dry and just ugh. Of course, I don't really like Asami either.
But anyway. I hope to see him butt out of Korras life. Lol.
And I can't wait for an update. ;) I'm looking forward to Korra and Tahno talking.
1/25/2013 c2 LiesTemptHer
Just found this story and I'm super excited to jump on board! It seems very promising. ;) I love Korra/Tahno, and there are really so few of them on here. It's nice to see a new one developing! Can't wait to see where you go with this.
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