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10/2 c36 Lorien Legacy
Great chapter please continue soon
9/29 c36 3westerns never die
Yay, new chapter! I just loved Weatherby letting Philip have it. Plus the interaction between the four is really believable. Keep it up and looking forward to the next chapter.
9/29 c36 insanity keeps things fun
I've got ADHD as well so the flow of conversation in the last chapter felt pretty natural to me. Also I have such hope for Elizabeth and Syrena to end up as the sort of friends that are snarky and kinda mean but who'd still hide a body for the other without question.
9/28 c36 1thatquietgirl21

As always, I loved this. I loved the Groves content, I loved checking in on Pintel and Raggetti and letting them know that Syrena was okay, I loved the Philip/Syrena content (especially the casual intimacy! and also the not-so-casual intimacy :D ) and the little details like Philip trying to follow the rules of priesthood regarding the postulant thing, and Norrington being like, "? bro? You stole? a ship?"

Twigg and Gillette can have long walks with a short stop though. (Hopefully Pintel and Raggetti will be able to Chinese Whispers a shank into Twigg's side along the brigs.)
9/5 c35 guest
this is amaizing, i love this sory much, hell i think it is better than the movies. i love syrena's line, is any one going to eat that, it had me crackign up. thankyou for sharing this wonderful story.
9/1 c35 Hikal
Great chapter! Weatherby's first and last reactions were hilarious and then Syrena remembers the snack in the drawer, lmao! The sidetracking and jumping back and forth on the timeline took me a bit of effort to read through but it was good all in all. You've written one hell of a story so far, I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep it up!
8/31 c35 4Le055Li0n
I loved this chapter.
8/30 c35 Lorien Legacy
great chapter i was laughing so hard at some points please continue soon
8/30 c35 7crod42
Well, another chapter down. Time for the highlights.

1. I think it’s safe to say that Governor Swann stole the show in this chapter. I love your interpretation of him in this story, and this chapter was no different. I think the funniest line in this chapter was him opening the conversation with, “There’s a hand in the drawer!” And to top it all off, his reaction to finding out Philip is in love with a mermaid was priceless.

2. I will admit that I found the Swanns getting sidetracked throughout the retelling was a tad annoying at first, but I got over it fast. Many people in my life have been known to do that, and Norrington being the (arguably) only sane person in the room was a nice touch.

3. Believe it or not, I had completely forgotten that mermaids ate human flesh until Syrena asked if she could eat the hand (another hilarious moment!) I know she has eaten fish in the past, but I can’t help but wonder if that aspect of mermaids is going to affect her later.

4. The call-back to Eveline was something I did not see coming. Small world...

5. My only critique was the foreshadowing humor in two moments. First was when Philip wondered what else was he going to experience, listing off the Kraken, Fountain of Youth, and the indestructible handkerchief as ludicrous possibilities. Personally, I think that was a little too on the nose. The other instance was the whole “Beckett Incident keeps on giving” thing. I didn’t have a problem with that. My issue was when you blatantly said that in the future, when Elizabeth was arrested by Beckett, Philip would bring it up as a joke. Personally, I think it would’ve been funnier if you left that part out and saved it for when it actually happened.

To summarize, while this chapter was essentially a recap episode, the characters made it very entertaining. Can’t wait to see Jack’s failed execution. Poor Weatherby is gonna need a whole lot of whiskey for the next century.
8/30 c35 3westerns never die
Hooray for a new update! It may have just been rehashing what we’ve already seen but you did it very well. Weatherby’s reactions were great. Especially after Philip’s revelation.
Of course Syrena’s last comment completely stole the show as far as I’m concerned. Great job, can’t wait for the next chapter.
8/30 c35 1BoleynQueen
Hahaha! She was going to eat the hand! God, serena! Read the room!
8/30 c35 1thatquietgirl21
Ahhhhh Ashley this was EVERYTHING. I love Groves, and how cool he is with the boys. I love stupid Gillette getting his comeuppance. Quite honestly, I love how they all overlapped during the argument and the story.

"Uncle, I'm in love with a mermaid I've only known for two days." ASHLEY I CACKLED.

Listen I know Will and Elizabeth forever but I actually really do like Norrington. Like he was rude with the local blacksmith/prostitute thing (also! more Eveline!) but it was kind of a digression and also said 'local blacksmith' stole his fucking boat (and he has never met Eveline, nor enjoyed her services).

All this to say that I love you and I love this and I am so happy that you updated!
8/17 c34 thatquietgirl21
Jack Sparrow may be king of ridiculousness, but he also had several very good points about pretty much everything. (Except the nudity thing, haha.)

I am very curious about the Skylark grandparent story! All in all, I loved every minute of this. It flowed naturally through canon and your own story and wove them together into a beautiful tapestry.

(Side note: will you be updating here or Ao3 going forward? Or both?)
8/17 c33 thatquietgirl21
To be fair, I don't think anyone's told Syrena Philip's planning on becoming a missionary after he gets ordained. I look forward to them being able to travel- but with the safety and security she mentioned of each other.

I also really love hopeless-romantic Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow sitting there bedecked in all his stolen finery, like a custom skin character in a cutscene.
8/17 c32 thatquietgirl21
Oh I forgot to say I also adore the Philip thing from last chapter (very nice of Monk to take pity on him) and also the Bootstrap scene! We never really get to hear his thoughts on being cursed twice in canon (or since it's Bootstrap, cannon) but that one little scene was worth so much! (I tried to add this to the last one but only one comment per chapter on I guess?)

I love that Jack the monkey mourned him, and how you had him bring back the curse on himself alone out of grief. (Though it makes the (bang) "look! an undead monkey!" a bit more gruesome, which isn't too bad.) I love that there's a secret language only for the two of them, and that they were friends and companions to the end.
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