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8/17 c32 1thatquietgirl21
Oh I forgot to say I also adore the Philip thing from last chapter (very nice of Monk to take pity on him) and also the Bootstrap scene! We never really get to hear his thoughts on being cursed twice in canon (or since it's Bootstrap, cannon) but that one little scene was worth so much! (I tried to add this to the last one but only one comment per chapter on I guess?)

I love that Jack the monkey mourned him, and how you had him bring back the curse on himself alone out of grief. (Though it makes the (bang) "look! an undead monkey!" a bit more gruesome, which isn't too bad.) I love that there's a secret language only for the two of them, and that they were friends and companions to the end.
8/17 c31 thatquietgirl21
Ahhh that is a better death than "I feel... cold..." and it gives him the respect he deserves for it. (Is Tia Dalma gonna help him though? Is that sticking?)
8/17 c30 thatquietgirl21
LISTEN I know you said it's a truce but this is a BEAUTIFUL friendship. Also I love how CUNNING our girl is!
8/17 c29 thatquietgirl21
I love the Elizabeth/Syrena friendship! And the Weatherby content! And Barbossa trying to walk the line between Concerned Father and Annoyed Pirate!

I know I probably sound like I'm saying the same stuff over and over but I love your consistency as well! And I'm having so much fun reading this!
8/17 c28 thatquietgirl21
Ahhhhhh I love the Weatherby content but also (knife emoji knife emoji knife emoji) about Bartholomew. Jesus, poor Rebecca, Weatherby, and Katherine.
8/17 c27 thatquietgirl21
Ahhhh Jack Sparrow has a HEART! And it's being done WELL!

Also I really really hope Norrington isn't going to cause trouble with Syrena. (I... love him... but I love her more... specifically because of your writing... you gave her more than Disney ever did)
8/17 c26 thatquietgirl21
EY we got a title drop!

I keep forgetting to say that I adore the mermaid culture/anatomy that you've created as world-building! And it's so good! Also we stan an unselfish mermaid girl!
8/17 c25 thatquietgirl21
LOVE Jack the monkey! Also love how he covered his little eyes, so cute!

Also so glad that Jack the person is back to save the day in a way that poor untrained Philip and a mermaid in desperate need of escape cannot.
8/17 c24 thatquietgirl21
Barbossaaaaaaaa. Ashley this was so sweet up until Twigg and Koehler got free and made it less sweet.

I remembered you saying something about the mermaid and how Gillette's line kind of inspired this whole fic- for a second there, I thought Syrena was going to go get them and... well, make him a bit less glib. BUT I am still loving every second of this and I am more or less on the edge of my seat!
8/17 c23 thatquietgirl21
God Barbossa is SUCH A DICK right now. I GET that your not-daughter is leaving the nest but if you want her to VISIT you need to calm down sir. (Ashley I adore this fic and I love how all her friends were jumping to her defense.)
8/17 c22 thatquietgirl21
Father in law Barbossa WILL ONLY accept pirate applicant's for his not-daughter's hand, apparently.

But in all seriousness, I love this!
"That's the basis of a grand love story; basic human decency" YES!
I ove Raggetti SO MUCH. Murtogg and Mulroy (?) will never compare to Pintel and Raggetti.

"Oh not you again" PHILIP I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
8/17 c21 thatquietgirl21
Hhhh I love that you're actually going into the detail of this stuff (like Norrington's feelings and the inescapable trap of Society that binds them) and making Weatherby just a tiny bit more openly perceptive so that there's that perfect back and forth.
8/17 c20 thatquietgirl21
Thank God Philip got kidnapped so Weatherby is definitely going to help with little provocation!

I loved the accidental 'Philiam', because he's still in that habit haha. And the lie! It's a good lie actually!
8/17 c19 thatquietgirl21
Ahhhhh babies! I love babies!

I can't believe Tamara turned out to be Syrena's mother. Like... I can see it, you have a really good set-up, but just... holy shit.
8/17 c18 thatquietgirl21
SST for Sarah Smith Turner? Ahhhh I love how this ties everything together and makes it stronger! I love the story of Aunt Rebecca hanging out with Jack Sparrow!
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